Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The "Empty Questions" That Puzzle Non-Partisan Association Vancouver's Kirk LaPointe in his Campaign for Mayor

NPA candidate Kirk LaPointe after Frances Bula's "empty question"
Kirk LaPointe, the Vancouver Non-Partisan Association candidate for Mayor, is puzzled by several questions.

Most prominently, he accused veteran civic reporter Frances Bula of asking an "empty question" when she attended his news conference last week - then walked away without answering.

You can see the video of that through the link below:  

Kind of strange behaviour from someone who: a) is running for Mayor of Vancouver; b) is a former journalist and editor; and c) was Bula's own editor for many years at The Vancouver Sun.

But there are other questions that LaPointe seems puzzled by - or at least doesn't seem to want to answer.

And readers here know I support Vision Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson and his council school and park board team - so feel free to disregard my opinion as biased - but I think they are good questions that LaPointe needs to answer if he want to be Mayor.

Why is he running for Vancouver Mayor when he can't vote for himself and doesn't pay Vancouver city taxes?

The short answer is because he doesn't live or work in Vancouver - he is a resident of the University Endowment Lands and works in North Vancouver.  

Where is the full NPA platform?  What does it say?   How much will it cost?  Where will the money come from?

LaPointe has promised to release it regularly over the past few months - but it took until today, with just over 2 weeks left till the November 15 election - for the NPA to release "25 proposals to date" with a promise of more to come.  There is no costing, no budget.

And one more question: 

Who did LaPointe meet with from the NPA before he was appointed the mayoralty candidate with no vote, no public process and no disclosure of why he was picked?

Questions that need answers.


Anonymous said...

Interesting, but let's balance that off with detailed Bill type questions about Geoff Megg's meeting with the local CUPE union and their promise of aid money to Vision, shall we?

Or is the subject of Geoff Meggs simply does not exist?

Anonymous said...

Agreed ... this certainly does come across like a distraction piece from the breaking news today as mentioned above, aleged CUPE/Vision promise. Yes, Bill we're well aware you support Vision, as does the NDP and the Liberals for that matter.
Labour threw all their support behind Vision when COPE decided they want to be independent from the developer parties, and not be totally dictated to by Vision. What a cozy lot you've all become.

Anonymous said...

This out of context video doesn't compare to the Mayor's attempt to completely avoid a question at a debate. The audience and Lapointe forced a direct answer of some kind.

But on the issue of residence... I lived at UBC for 5 years and considered myself to be a Vancouverite. My mail was addressed to Vancouver after all. The accusations around Lapointe's residence smack of cheap Republican-style smears. Honestly I thought better of you, Bill. I appreciated your comments on the Bill Good Show but now you and Vision appear to be hellbent on campaigning from Karl Rove's playbook and not for the better of our city...

Anonymous said...

The Vancouver and District Labour Council supports Vision candidates which isn't surprising. The VaDL has supported NDP and labour friendly candidates since Mike Harcourt ran as a "Civic Independent".

If Bill keeps telling people he is a journalist then show it by investigative reporting on the Geoff Meggs cozy up to CUPE.