Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bill Tieleman on CTV TV for BC Election coverage from 8 p.m. till closing time! Joining anchors Mike Killeen, Tamara Taggart, ex-BC Liberal MLA Lorne Mayencourt, pollster Mario Canseco

Tune in to CTV TV in British Columbia tonight for your BC Election coverage!
Tamara Taggart, Bill Tieleman, Mike Killeen and Lorne Mayencourt on set of CTV News Election special run-through .  NOTE - Mary Polak photo as elected part of practice!
I will be joining news anchors Mike Killeen and Tamara Taggart along with my BC Liberal counterpart Lorne Mayencourt - former MLA, all above, along with Angus Reid Public Opinion pollster Mario Canseco and the great CTV News team in studio and across the province for excellent election coverage!

Hope you watch - on Channel 9 in Metro Vancouver.  

I will also be on CTV Morning with Lorne at 7:10 a.m. Wednesday to talk results.



macadavy said...

Good grief! I certainly won't be tuning in if Lorne Mayencourt part of it. ICK!

Anonymous said...

Ndp equals mple leafs. Choke on this adrian dixs. Hahaha

Anonymous said...

Ndp lose again. Funniest thing ever

Anonymous said...

You guys took the high road and your opponent went into the gutter. It does not work. Dix must resign now. Carole James would be Premier now if you had kept your meddling hands out of it.

Anonymous said...

Well there ya go. Christy has her coveted mandate and the NDP screwed up big time. Many were hoping for an NDP majority with 25 to 28 seats for the BC Liberals (without Christy Clark's).

Thank youuu very much!!

and no more of this Christy Clark not having the mandate. Thanks to the NDP, she has one.

So who does Bill endorse for leader of the NDP this time?

Can't you guys get anything right?

Many who supported the BC Liberals did not want this outcome.

Thank you Bill. Your party did real good.

There's no one to blame but the NDP for this outcome. No one.

Daniel said...

Bill, With deepest sympathy on the demise of your NDP. My condolence hahaha!

Anonymous said...

There is no substitute for Victory, and no excuse for Failure . . . Douglas MacArthur.

In the fall of 1940, Benito Mussolini sent a massive army into Libya in what looked like a cake-walk for the Italians against a very much smaller British Army to the east in Egypt.
On December 9th, 1940 a British/Commonwealth force only 1/5 the size of the Italian Army counter-attacked at Sidi Barrani.
In one day the Commonwealth forces wiped out the Italian Army, capturing over 100,000 prisoners and sending tens of thousands running in panic into the desert.

On May 14th, 2013 Adrian Dix, in what also should have been a cake-walk victory of his own, lost an election to a technically much weaker leader.
The NPD high-command lead over the past decade by appeasers and cowards, the likes of Carole James and Adrian Dix, have thrown a sure victory into the trash bin.
Politics is war by other means and the NDP by employing such failures as leaders has not only betrayed its members but also the people of BC who wanted more than a . . . never-ending-evil-empire.

Adrian (Neville Chamberlain) Dix, if he has any honour left, MUST resign tonight as leader.


Anonymous said...

The NDP is the parking spot for negative, bitter people, who wallow in self-opposition year after year. They represent a depressed part of the human psyche. As a result, they do not represent the majority of BC citizens. I suppose we can now add delusional to their traits, as NDP candidates and supporters felt they were entitled to govern the province.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that many contributors here on this blog absolutely hate the MSM, all of them, and yet here is Bill joining them on a blog that has many contributors that have absolutely hated the MSM.

Hypocrisy perhaps?

Nice goin there ace. Did good on election night with Dix.

Michelle Pepin said...

A four-peat. Wow. If the economy continues well, will be five-peat.

So Tieleman, you as a so call expert/strategist for the NDP. Losing again. Not much street cred buddy. In the normal world, you would be fired.

A rather was my vote than vote a dix. Epic choke. Epic.