Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Christy's Magical Mystery Tour Just One Bad LNG Trip - Debt Free BC Freak Out!

The longer you look at premier's LGN claims, the more you freak right out, man!  
Christy Clark: Trust me - you'll love the blue LNG pill - you'll feel groovy!
Bill Tieleman’s 24 Hours/The Tyee column
Tuesday April 24, 2013
By Bill Tieleman
"Roll up for the Mystery Tour/ The Magical Mystery Tour/ Is hoping to take you away"
- The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour.

Come on British Columbia -- Premier Christy Clark's Magical Mystery Campaign Tour is dying to take you away!

Just drop a big hit of this free LNG and it will be a psychedelic, far out, groovy good trip -- satisfaction guaranteed!

Jump on the liquifed natural gas fueled BC Liberal Party bus and we'll drive you to fiscal nirvana, baby!

$100 billion in a Prosperity Fund! And "100,000 high paying jobs," man!
What's that? You're not so sure it's safe?  

Don't be such a bummer, man! Hear the Christy word! 

"LNG is the industry that will make British Columbia debt-free," Clark told skeptical media downer-types last week.  

Jumping into LNG is a gas, gas, gas -- that will pay for, well, like, everything, man!
LNG will wipe out B.C.'s entire $56 billion debt in just 15 years -- it will disappear right before our eyes!

What? Well, yes Christy has increased B.C.'s debt by $11 billion in just two years in office.

Uh, yeah, Christy plans to add another $13 billion more debt in the next three years.

Um-hmm, that would make Christy the premier who raised B.C.'s debt by $24.3 billion -- that's 54 per cent in five years -- the fastest in provincial history.
Too many hits

But who cares? This LNG stuff is totally magical, even if it's a mystery when we will see the cash, since there aren't actually any LNG plants being built yet. But don't worry!
And like, I really need one of those "100,000 high paying jobs" from LNG.

Huh? B.C. actually lost 34,800 private sector jobs since Christy launched her B.C. Jobs Plan in September 2011?  

And Statistics Canada shows B.C. is in ninth place for job creation since then?
Wow! You are kind of freaking me out! 

My head is spinning -- maybe I took too many hits, because everything seems totally unreal.

You were right, man, this BC Liberal Magical Mystery Tour is just one LNG bad trip!



DPL said...

The woman is a bit of a nut case,making grand statements that even she must not believe. But not for much longer and hopefully she doesn't sell off much more of the province before getting booted out of office

Anonymous said...

The longer you look at premier's LGN claims, the more you freak right out, man! BT

The French acronym for English's Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) is LGN (Liquid Gas Naturally) Ami

Anonymous said...

Exporting Natural Gas is a good idea but as many other countries have a surplus supply, there is no way the excess revenues will result. Mrs. Clark is dreaming. The same applies to her so called balanced budget. I find the fact so many liberals do not mention her or the liberal party in their advertisement only shows she and the party are bad news.

Ron S. said...

Far out Bill, so cool. She's been outed man and it's a total bummer for the LIbERalS. A real downer for them.

Anonymous said...

Bill, what are you on? This was a stupid and rather silly article in 24 hours. I am not in favour of the BC Liberals relying on LNG sales (the Russians are close to closing a deal with China and Japan for sale of Russian LNG gas).

But why the negative commentary? You're just stating the obvious.

Care to comment on the hypocrisy of the NDP selling assets? No?

What about the about face on the Kinder-Morgan pipeline expansion? (Which would mean jobs for the union boys and girls).

Let's see some opinion (for and against) on NDP policy in here for once. You said you're supposed to be some kind of political commentator of which real ones explore both sides, not just one.

and what ever it is you're snorting, or freebasing on, you should get help to be weaned off it.

Anonymous said...

Very funny stuff Bill. A little much needed humour and just two weeks left -

Anonymous said...

Proof positive that neo-cons have no humour!

Anonymous said...

Proof positive that the NDPers here do not want Bill to go through NDP policies and critique them like a real political commentator would.

DPL said...

Of course they show no humor as their gravy train is about to be derailed

Anonymous said...

and what happens after that?

The NDP gravy train leaves the station.

Be here when the NDP hacks board after the conductor takes their tickets.

Anonymous said...

What some right wing clowns don't seem to fathom is that this website is Bill's and as such he can say whatever he pleases. I suspect the anonymous poster who is attacking Bill for being biased(oh my god!) is just another Lib hack who is in full blown panic mode>

Anonymous said...

Why does it take 12 years for the NeoCons to find out that now is a good time to be concerned about the debt?
Reality check...2001...1.6 Billion dollar NDP surplus.30 Billion debt.
2013 Estimated 700 million dollar real Liberal deficit. 60 Billion dollar debt.
Time for a change!

Anonymous said...

What some left wing clowsn don't seem to fathom is that Bill passes himself off as a political commentator and should see all sides of policy debates not just selectively the left side.

Many real Liberals are not in panic mode. We're just watching the Liberals self-destruct and at the same time waiting for balanced commentary with a critique of NDP policy from the left's favourite political commentator.

DPL said...

The lady just keeps opening her mouth and looking dumb.Her kid gets her to drive through a red light, then brags about it. Family first especially when hauling the family through a red light. Today she tells us, she shouldn't have done it and she isn't perfect. She got that right.

Good by Christy

Anonymous said...

The quality of her stupidity is improving.

Now it is so bad that some blog commentator has repeat the obvious even though it's been covered by all media, and even Alex Tsakumis' blog well before 4 PM today.

Anonymous said...

I must say that the red light incident may be overplayed a bit BUT lets all remember some of the hysterical reaction to Adrian Dix forgetting his skytrain pass. You would have thought he commited a major crime to listen to some on the Right. I suppose if Adrian ran a red light the Liberals would be calling on him to step down right about now.

Anonymous said...

Technically it is against the law (the transit authority act) to ride without paid fare (fare evasion) just as it is to run a red light (Motor Vehicle Act).

If Adrian had run a red light, he would step down. Immediately.

Many NDPers would want him outta there too.

No different.

Except in the stupidity of Christy Clark which is improving as we get closer to the election.

islandpapa said...

what exactly is "improving one's stupidity"?
kind of a double negative

DPL said...

islandpapa has a query. I suggest it means dumber than a bag of hammers. Or a number of bricks short of a load. Who was it that said. I think the person may be dumb, she opens her mouth and proves it. You almost have to feel sorry for the woman, she keeps plugging along and making a worse case for herself, and she doesn't seem to figure out why folks are shaking their heads.contrary duarydo

Anonymous said...

In fact one has to feel sorry for the woman and also those who keep going commenting on about her stupidity from the left wing.

There's going to be a lot people without anything of worth to contribute here as of May 15th, after the BC Liberals are defeated.

Will be interesting to see what Bill comes up with.

Certainly won't be anything critical of the Adrian Dix government.

Anonymous said...

Sorry dude, but there is nothing "Liberal" about the CC4BC bunch of hoods.

Anonymous said...

John Cummins should be let go. It's easy to see what's going on. Hand the riding to the Liberals, just have a look at what ridings John Cummins is firing his candidates. My opinion is John Cummins is trying to work a back door deal with the Liberals. Shake it up enough to take enough ridings from the NDP so they end up with a minority government, then create a majority government with the Liberals.

Anonymous said...

There wouldn't be any backdoor deal with the BC Liberals. He and the Conservatives do not have the strength. The most they can hope for is 1 to 2 seats. Cummins bombed in the debate.

It's up to the voters to decide, but rest assured there is a majority NDP government coming.

But don't get the idea the NDP will say yes to everything. They won't be able to.

If they want a second term, they'll have to go easy.