Monday, September 24, 2012

SHOCKER: Premier Christy Clark Chief of Staff Ken Boessenkool suddenly resigns his post over personal incident!

Another shocking blow to Premier Christy Clark - her Chief of Staff Ken Boessenkool has resigned effectively immediately over a "personal incident".

Ken Boessenkool

Premier Christy Clark 

Boessenkool has been replaced at least temporarily by veteran bureaucrat Dan Doyle, reports the Vancouver Sun's Jonathan Fowlie.

Boessenkool's resignation letter talks about "hurting his family" and another's in the "incident of concern" which sources tell me involved Boessenkool's conduct in a drinking establishment.



Earlier this month I was involved in an incident where I acted inappropriately. 

I was wrong, regretted my behaviour very much and immediately and unconditionally apologized.

Notwithstanding my genuine apology and sense of regret, and following my meeting with you earlier today I tender my letter of resignation as your Chief of Staff effective immediately.

This will give me a chance to return to Calgary to be with my family - who I have also let down - and from whom I have been separated on a weekly basis for most of the last eight months.

I have been very proud to be at your side and proud of what I helped the team accomplish. 

Nothing should stand in the way of your successful leadership and the accomplishments of your government in creating jobs and making family life affordable.

I wish you the very best.


Ken Boessenkool"


Anonymous said...

Boessenkool also works for Harper and lobbies for Enbridge. He was placed in with the BC Liberals. Gordon Campbell was given a drunk charge, he didn't resign. He was so drunk, he was driving on the wrong side of the road. Harper even rewarded Campbell for doing his dirty work for him. So, why Boessenkool would resign is a mystery?

Anonymous said...

Boessenkool got caught trying to walk and chew gum at the same time.

Anonymous said...

I think Kenny did a Claude Charron (1982) and destroyed himself in a minor way to avoid going down with the SS Rene Levesque.

Besides what Kenny did in Victoria is a badge of manhood in Alberta.


Bill Tieleman said...

Sorry - but comments speculating on what happened are at this point libelous and inappropriate, pardon the pun considering the subject.

Anonymous said...

Once again Christy blows the call. Her Chief of Staff resigns. Instead of being upfront about why, she cites confidentiality and instead lets the entire country speculate about the reason and how the BC Lieberals are self-destructing. Way to go Christy! Another good call......

Anonymous said...

Poeple are still goin' on about Gordon Campbell's stupidity in regards to drunk driving?

Give it a rest, He's gone and so are the BC Liberals.

and exactly how does the Great Devilled Ham know what Bassenkool did? I think Satan's statements regarding Alberta is offensive.

If I were Bill, I'd remove the statement.

Jeberts said...

The Socred/BCLibs know they can't win the next election. That is why Christy Clark is premier. The boys won't give up one of their own. Exactly the same as Kim Campbell. What we are now seeing are the rats jumping a sinking ship. I hope they are all caught in a whirlpool & sucked down to watery graves.

Problem is, after the NDP are in for a couple of terms, they will also become arrogant & so will be turfed in turn. This is a ridiculous charade. A change of rulers is a joy of fools. —Jerry Eberts (hi Bill)

e.a.f. said...

At this point it doesn't really matter, he has resigned. People don't need to speculate, its rude. It might have been better if he had resigned immediatley. Obviously living away from his family has not helped his personal life & that is what it is at this time, his personal life.

Anonymous said...

The bigger news is that the third legislative controller was fired in the span of eight years. A guess someone refused to marching order from the clerk anymore.

DPL said...

Who will it be next?

Anonymous said...

Hopefully no one. With all the things that are going on out there, this has to consume people's time?

What is this blog turning into some cheap version of the supermarket tabs when it used to be one of good intelligent content
albeit from the left?

Even the headline reads like the National Enquirer.

C'mon bill get some better quality stuff happening.. There's nothing new that this blog will be able to put in on this subject.

People, get a life..

and get busy with us in the NDP.

Anonymous said...

There's a reason for 2 term limits re us

Anonymous said...

As others have pointed out, there is a double standard as a few weeks ago the health ministry workers were hung out without concerns for privacy regarding details and circumstances and yet here there is concern for privacy.

Anonymous said...

In regards to Anonymous Monday Sept 24 11:20, term limits apply to the U.S. President, not to the Senate or House of Representatives.

Washington State does not have limits, although other states do.

Anonymous said...

Regarding . . . Anonymous: Monday, 24 September, 2012 5:19:00 PM PDT

But hardly anonymous, since he is a 25 year old aging UVIC young liberal still "working" on his first job inside Mother Christy of Victoria's Public Affairs Bureau.

But like many of these "children of the party donors list", in a short time he will be forwarding his cv to Seven-Eleven for the acting night manager's job.

And what I said about Alberta stands.


DPL said...

The guy lost his 200.000 a year job which of course we paid for. Must have been quite a indiscretion

Anonymous said...

Regarding The Great Satan's commentary at 9:23 AM Tuesday 25 September.

Where does one begin on that one.

You're way off bud. Don't give up your day job, but I'd dump the idea of being a political analyst even at the amateur hobby level.

heck I wouldn't even recommend you go for a night manager's job at 7-11 with your level of trying to figure things out.

Man are you ever way off.

The guy behind the heavily salted microwaved hot dogs would be the position to go for at an 7-11 store for you.

No wonder this blog is getting lower and lower when it comes to critical thinking.

Has to be the most comical contribution from the Great Devilled Ham, he's exceeded his own level of ineptitude.

Anonymous said...

The antics of BC Liberals and CC Conservatives, two gifts that keep on Adrian Dix and the NDP.

Anonymous said...

ddryettiGuy gropes a female on Skytrain and is charged with Sexual Assault. A liberal Hack takes liberties that his party seems to brush off and he quits. No wonder we have the Occupy movement??

Anonymous said...

Occupy is a joke. Heck they didn't even care when a fellow protestor died at the Art Gallery. They just kept on whining and complaining.

Most of them had tents bought at Coast Mountain Sports (certainly not at Value Village).

How many of those Occupy protestors own a car and many of them own a Crackberry or IPhone so its hypocritical of them to complain about Big Corporation.

Most of them have bank chequing accounts and either debit or credit cards.