Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Premier Christy Clark's ex-Chief of Staff Ken Boessenkool says Conservatives' biggest victory? Killing national child care threat!

If you want to know why BC Premier Christy Clark has a massive 30 point gender gap problem with women voters, take a look at this video clip of her ex-Chief of Staff Ken Boessenkool's argument that the Stephen Harper Conservative government's biggest victory was to kill a national child care program!

At about 3:35 minutes into this 2009 debate at the Preston Manning Centre for Democracy with Andrew Coyne, Boessenkool gets all choked up when he says the most important thing the Conservative government has done is that it:

"Stopped cold...a national, government-run, unionized child-care system and instead redirected billion of dollars so parents can make their own choices about their families."

Wow!  Really?  Boessenkool has been the brains behind Christy Clark for the last 8 months -  and the polls show how effective that has been.

You can watch the YouTube video clip here:

What were Christy Clark and the BC Liberals thinking when they hired Boessenkool?  Did anyone bother to Google his name and check his background?  

Or were they that desperate to curry favour from red meat Conservatives?



Anonymous said...

a little o/t

Will Premier Christy Clark's ex-Chief of Staff Ken Boessenkool be receiving ANY severance pay?

Anonymous said...

Boessenkool does not work for Harper any more. Perhaps we are now learning why. This man's mouth and hands seem to be a liability.

Anonymous said...

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Not surprising Bill.

Look who Harper has working for him. Campbell was .......so drunk he drove on the side of the road. Campbell who thieved and sold, our assets and resources. Campbell too, lied, deceived and cheated to win elections.


Boessenkoll was working for Harper, even though he was placed in BC, to work with Christy.

Perhaps, Harper will give Boessenkool, a wonderful position overseas as he did for Campbell.

Harper hired Bruce Carson, who was arrested for influence peddling. Carson was a many times convicted criminal. If citizens knew Carson was a criminal, so did Harper.

Harper has ranting, raving Ministers, calling us names, and threatening us.

Christy Clark also works for Harper, calling us the Taliban.

Harper himself is a name caller, using words, such as Nazi to the NDP. His childish attack ads. Millions of Canadians say, Harper cheated to win the election, with his robo-call election fraud. He certainly is trying to stop that investigation.

Harper claims to be a Christian. The joke of the century. That any of the above, care about our children? Convince me.

Anonymous said...

Well Bill alot of what this poster says is wrong. Bossenkool left harper's ofifce, and was not when he was working for Christy Crunch working for Harper. I would challenge the poster to provide a written cite that Bossenkool was working for Harper in some paid capacity at the same time he was working for Clark.

and exactly does he refer to as "us" when he uses Taliban?

Harper did not personally cheat nor did the Conservative candidates cheat to win the election. The robo-calls that were fraudulent were in a few ridings, but not entirely across the country.

Harper is indeed a Christian as are many Conservatives but other Conservatives are of many other faiths.

Who is this poster to judge who "claims" who is Christian or not?

This poster needs to grow up and learn how to research properly.

Anonymous said...

The robo-calls were known to be used in approx 200 ridings across Canada.
Seems to me it was a problem and should never be defended as insignificant Anon 4:44.

Anonymous said...

so point taken on the robo-calls.

only a fool would ever take those calls from any political party as being gospel.

If such robo calls came from the NDP would the opinion be the same?

Probably not. The NDP is far from being a saint when it comes to election politics. I've seen NDP signs conveniently placed across the street from a polling location which is in violation of the rules as to how far away the signs have to be from a polling place on election day. I'v even seen NDP scrutineers with party buttons on until I told then to either take the damn things off or get out.

Anonymous said...

Look anon 4:24.

You really need to take a reality check. If the government of your choice used robo-calls and impersonated Elections Canada to make them very believable, then you need to scold them on it. Quit turning it around onto the NDP. This is how this crap keeps happening. We let it. It's OK to criticize your party.

Anonymous said...

Well I think the above poster needs to take a reality check and step towards the centre from where he is on the left.

Firstly the robocalls were attributed to a supplier of phone canvassing to the Conservatives. The candidates were stupid to continue on with it. It's a sign of very poor campaign management.

Secondly, it's OK to criticize the NDP too. Plus the federal Liberals and with their new leader Justin Trudeau, there is going to be plenty to get on their case about.