Thursday, April 05, 2012

Dialling for Disaffection Dollars - BC Liberal MLAs and their Party contributions - or lack thereof

BC Liberal MLAs level of disaffection clear from low or no donations to BC LIberal Party in past year
Me? Donate my own money to the BC Liberal Party?
Are you flipping kidding?

BC Premier Christy Clark has made headlines yet again for the wrong reason - because she didn't give the BC Liberal Party she leads one thin dime of a donation in 2011.

Rather an astonishing lack of leadership, especially given the $9.5 million the BC Liberals raised last year.

Clark was quickly taken to the political woodshed and coughed up $550 today but the damage has been done.

Unfortunately, the hapless leader of an unhappy party is far from alone on the Chintz-O-Meter.

In fact, with a few notable exceptions, one could easily argue that the BC Liberal Party donations for 2011 indicated exactly how disaffected each MLA actually is with their current situation.

For MLAs making over $101,000, cabinet ministers making over $150,000 and especially a premier making well over $193,000 plus golden pensions, it looks downright miserly to give nothing and skinflint to give less than $1,000 - or under 1% of basic salary.

On the other hand, how pleased can Rich Coleman, Linda Reid and Ben Stewart be giving more than $4,000 each while their colleagues sit on their fat wallets?

Here are the numbers taken from Elections BC's financial donation records online.

2011 contributions to BC Liberal Party

Christy Clark
Kash Heed
Joan McIntyre
Randy Hawes
Don McRae
Blair Lekstrom
John Les
John Slater
Gordon Hogg
John van Dongen
Ron Cantelon
Kevin Falcon
Bill Barisoff
Pat Bell
Mike de Jong
Terry Lake
George Abbott
Norm Letnick
Douglas Horne
Richard Lee
Bill Bennett
Eric Foster
Steve Thomson
Rob Howard
Colin Hansen
Margret MacDiarmid
Mary McNeil
Jane Thornthwaite
John Rustad
Kevin Krueger
Shirley Bond
Ida Chong
Naomi Yamamoto
Harry Bloy
Donna Barnett
Marc Dalton
Murray Coell
Mary Polak
Stephanie Cadieux
Ralph Sultan
Pat Pimm
Moria Stilwell (Including Dr. Moria Stilwell Inc)
John Yap
Dave Hayer
Rich Coleman
Linda Reid
Ben Stewart (Including Quail’s Gate)


North Van's Grumps said...

Christy Clark contributions in 2011 matched that of out-gone Gordon Campbell's ZERO, although he didn't leave Office until March 14, 2011.

In the previous year Gordon Campbell laid down $1400.00

Iain Black $650.00

Barry Penner $355.00, so it would seem that the former AG was not happy shortly after the Leadership Race was won by Christy Clark! The $355.00 is the first step up above $0!

Bill Barisoff $0.00 The Speaker is non-partisan

DPL said...

With the sort of money these drones are collecting, one would think they would be putting some or a lot of it into their party

Anonymous said...

When I checked the Elections BC website I found that Colin HAnsen's campaign lst time go almost all of its $$ from the BC LIberal party. Interesting!

Anonymous said...

With the sort of money these drones are collecting, one would think they would be putting some or a lot of it into their party

At leae the NDP drones who make the same MLA salary are putting more money back into their party.

Also noticed no ontributions to the party from someone named Tieleman.

Jim Sinclair with all of his big salary from labour is cheap.

Some of the NDP MPs who make more than their MLA associates are also cheap.