Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bill Tieleman - The Tyee Master Class Seminar: "How to Beat the Odds: Low-Budget Campaigns that Win"

Bill Tieleman tells the secrets for winning strategies - and how to apply them to your campaigns - The Tyee Master Class seminar - April 14 - limited space available

Bill Vander Zalm and Bill Tieleman - Fight HST launch
Dave Barrett and Bill Tieleman - fighting Liberals in Point Grey
I am very pleased to have been asked by The Tyee to give a "Master Class" seminar on how to build winning campaigns despite overwhelming odds against you.

And I encourage you to sign up today for this special one-time-only, limited space opportunity on Saturday April 14 by going to The Tyee registration page now.

It's going to be an exciting session - and an opportunity to financially support your favourite online, award-winning news magazine - The Tyee - while learning how to beat the odds!

Whether or not you agree with my views doesn't matter - a fierce desire to win does.

Here's what The Tyee says:

In this Tyee Master Class, Bill Tieleman teaches how it's possible to run campaigns that beat the odds in British Columbia. Bill is winner of three successive provincial binding referendums -- last year's HST vote and two on the Single Transferable Vote -- and is speaking out for the first time since his HST victory.

This workshop grants you exclusive access to the strategic mind behind some of B.C.'s most significant citizen victories. Be one of the first to learn Bill's formula for coming out on top despite being significantly outspent in all.

Who's it for? Activists, campaigners, strategists, non-profit workers, and communications and marketing professionals of all backgrounds and experience.

Bill Tieleman is one of BC's best-known communicators, political commentators and strategists. For 13 years he has run West Star Communications, a consulting firm providing strategy and communication services for labour, business, non-profits and government agencies.

His campaign successes include launching Fight HST with Bill Vander Zalm and Chris Delaney, where he was strategist for the first-ever successful citizens initiative petition to eliminate the Harmonized Sales Tax, and then won the summer 2011 binding referendum. 

Bill was also president of NO STV, defeating the Single Transferable Vote electoral system in both the 2005 and 2009 binding referenda.

Former communications director in the B.C. Premier's Office and at the BC Federation of Labour, Bill holds a masters degree in political science from UBC and publishes a weekly column in 24 Hours and on The Tyee.



DPL said...

"Go for it Bill". Not a bad slogan ,as so many folks simply give up, shrug their shoulders and mutter to their mirror.Organizing small groups into large groups dedicated to resolving the issues, does pay off and it sure beats crying in your favourite beverage

Anonymous said...

"Organizing small groups into large groups dedicated to resolving the issues, does pay off and it sure beats crying in your favourite beverage"

or crying perpetually to a blog.

Anonymous said...

For Chris Dedlany who spoke loudly durign the HST petition, he certainly knows how to disappear.

Is he going to be the subject of the "pulling the rabbit out of the hat"?