Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hasta luego - Bill Tieleman in Mexico!

Bill Tieleman caught on holiday in Mexico!
Amigos y amigas - I will be in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with my family from December 12 to 19 on holiday - and your posts may be delayed during that time, as will any new items from me.

I will still have columns in 24 hours newspaper and The Tyee online on Tuesday December 13 and Tuesday December 20 - your continued readership is appreciated - muchas gracias!

See you soon - hasta luego!


Anonymous said...

Good on you! Enjoy!

oceantor said...

Do have fun. Can't believe from the picture above of how much you look like Cheech from the Cheech and Chong days. That's cool Amigo!

DPL said...

Have a good few days off with your family Bill. and stay out of the deep end of the pool

Anonymous said...'re topless in this picture...wear a camy!

Anonymous said...

Try the Huachinango (full red snapper). And Bohemia cerveza in a frosted glass. Then there is the coctel de camarones (shrimp), and coffee liquers.

Anonymous said...

Bill, when you were fighting to stop the HST I thought you were speaking for the low-income people of BC. How can you claim to speak for a group that you have nothing to do with?

Bill Tieleman said...

Anon 4:08 a.m. - I fight for many who face injustice and unfair circumstances without being one of their ranks - it's my honour to do so.

I think anyone who reads my columns regularly knows that. I am fortunate enough to make a good living and committed to improving the world for everyone.