Saturday, September 03, 2011

BC is out of Order! Ex-Premier Gordon Campbell gets Order of BC same year he quits! Ex-Campbell Deputy Minister Ken Dobell also gets Order! Liberal MLA on selection committee!

Ex-Premier Gordon Campbell's likely reaction to receiving Order of BC on Friday
British Columbia is clearly out of Order!

When ex-Premier Gordon Campbell can receive the Order of BC the same year he leaves office and while he is serving as the federal government's highly-paid High Commissioner to London, it's obvious that something is very wrong.

The premier who misled British Columbia voters before the last 2009 election about the Harmonized Sales Tax and the size of BC's giant deficit.  The premier who presided over seven straight years of the worst child poverty rates in Canada.  The most unpopular premier in Canada when he quit.  The only premier ever jailed in a foreign country.  I could go further but won't.

And guess who else gets honoured the same day - Campbell's own former Deputy Minister Ken Dobell. 

The Ken Dobell who pled guilty to being an unregistered provincial government lobbyist. And who was at the centre of some BC Rail/BC Legislature Raid issues - allegations raised by the defence in pre-trial hearings of David Basi and Bob Virk.  And who admitted he regularly deleted his emails as DM to avoid them being disclosed by Freedom Of Information requests.

And Campbell's longtime ally and also a former Deputy Minister David Emerson. 

The David Emerson who switched parties from federal Liberal to federal Conservative hours after the election in order to stay in cabinet - this time under Stephen Harper.  Vancouver-Kingsway voter were furious - and rightly so, given how much Emerson denounced Harper and the Conservatives during that election.

And who is on the Order of BC Selection Committee? Among others:

BC Liberal MLA and Speaker of the Legislature Bill Barisoff.

Former Vancouver 2010 Olympics CEO John Furlong.

Barisoff is one of Campbell's political colleagues, while Furlong was Campbell's choice to run the Olympic Games.  Furlong also was appointed by the province to conduct a review of the Vancouver Canucks Stanley Cup riot.

Other members include: Chief Justice Lance Finch (chairperson), Union of B.C. Municipalities president and Surrey councillor Barbara Steele, Research Universities' Council of B.C. president Robin Ciceri, the associate  deputy minister of the intergovernmental relations secretariat Pierrette Maranda and Vancouver Island University president Ralph Nilson. Unfortunately, the many worthy appointments to the Order of BC this year and in past years are tarnished by the undue haste and obvious political nature of giving Campbell, Dobell and Emerson this honour.

Let's be clear - politicians and senior public officials have every right to be honoured for their service - but not all are.

For example, Campbell gets the Order of BC but the only other former premier so recognized is former Social Credit Premier Bill Bennett - but not Dave Barrett or Mike Harcourt or Bill Vander Zalm or Glen Clark or Dan Miller or Rita Johnston or Ujjal Dosanjh.  Check the full list here.

I'll have more to say about this and related issues that show BC is out of Order in other ways too in my 24 Hours Vancouver and The Tyee online column on Tuesday - which will also be here of course.

Meanwhile, here is the full list of recipients:

Gordon Campbell, of London, England, High Commissioner & ex premier of BC.

Luigi Aquilini ,of Vancouver, owner of the Vancouver Canucks.

Peter Norman Baird, of Vancouver, public servant.

Ken Dobell, of Vancouver, public servant.

David Emerson, of Vancouver, businessman and former federal cabinet minister.

Yuri Fulmer, of West Vancouver, entrepreneur and volunteer.

Tim Jones, of North Vancouver, search and rescue leader.

Dr. Phil Muir of Hazelton, long-time northern doctor and innovator.

J.C. O'Rourke, of West Vancouver, businessman.

Karen O'Shannacery, of Vancouver, advocate for homeless people.

Baljit Sethi, of Prince George, advocate for immigrants.

Ellen White, of Nanaimo, native educator and activist.

The investiture ceremony will be held at Government House in Victoria on Oct. 4.



Anonymous said...

Carole james will get one for helping the Liberals stay in power. Adrian dix will do the same

Anonymous said...

Looks like a mad scramble to appoint before the ship went down. Who knew if Christy was crazy enough to call a fall election? And Luigi Aquilini, really?

Ken in Victoria said...

Mr. Tieteman. You stated that you will add more on the subject. Please do. I can only state that the voters are witness to a Govt explode in front of our eye. This story should make CNN. I can not wait to see what comments can be offered to support the position of Mrs. Clark. Thank you Bill.

Anonymous said...

As the Speaker of the House my title is The Honourable Bill Barisoff and my last name is spelled thus:


E.M said...

GAG, this is insult to injury, Old Boys club award should be what its called, or Criminals that didnt get caught re GC and Dobell. Reminder about Dobell "Dobell and Campbell first got together back when Campbell was the mayor of Vancouver and Dobell was city manager. When Campbell moved into the premier's office in 2001, he brought Dobell over as his deputy minister -- the most powerful civil servant in the government -- at $202,000 a year.

Dobell left that post in 2005, but was immediately hired back on a two-year contract as Campbell's "special adviser" at $250 an hour, topping out at a maximum $230,000 a year. The deal includes work space at the premier's office in Vancouver.

At the same time, Dobell also landed more contracts.

Late last year, Dobell and former RAV project head Don Fairbairn landed an untendered $300,000 contract from the City of Vancouver to find solutions to the homelessness crisis.

January 2007'Which hat is Ken Dobell wearing?'
Ken Dobell, a $250-an-hour "special adviser" to Premier Gordon Campbell, is moonlighting as a lobbyist for the city of Vancouver, which has hired him to influence Campbell on development issues.
By The Vancouver Province

Bill Tieleman said...

Thanks for correction on spelling of Bill Barisoff - was too mad to check it! Now fixed & with a link to his website.

Anonymous said...

"The premier who misled British Columbia voters before the last 2009 election about the Harmonized Sales Tax and the size of BC's giant deficit. The premier who presided over seve?? straight years of the worst child poverty rates in Canada."

First sentence is what... Fragmented

Second sentence.... he presided over seve.. straight years....

No need, no need to say thank you to your readers Bill.

We could tell you were mighty peeved with the OBC award to the Former Premier Gordon Campbell... but what really peeves us is that he still claims that he had three terms.... TWO terms... El Gordo, TWO terms... he didn't complete the THIRD term, he bailed out when things went against him, that was within his control.....

S Robinsmith said...

Disgusting. If Campbell, Dobell, and Emerson actually do receive the Order of BC then the entire award is forever tainted. This makes the process look completely corrupt.

Anonymous said...

Honorable Bill Barisoff... not any more. I am disgusted with this announcement. It shows
how shallow these people are. Campbell deserves to be tarred and feathered! What an
absolute crime on the people of BC. Do you people have no shame?

ChristyClarkFan said...


I really think instead of jumping on Gordon Campbell's back, perhaps we should work together to make Sean Holman get the order next year.

After all, Sean Holman is a mavericky journalist. Deemed fair by almost all rockpile players. Respected as a pioneer & a professor, he is the indispensible man of the Rockpile as much as Alise Mills is to a Kennedy Grace & the BCLiberals... Bill Tieleman is to the BCNDP... Sean Leslie is to CKNW.

I am outraged that a dirty playah like Dobell gets to cut ahead of the line. The NFL, the NHL and even Major League Baseball have Halls of Fame that certainly wouldn't stand for such a thing - why would the best political league of the Pacific Northwest?

Off hot!

DPL said...

It looks like JosefK has another name "Christy Clark Fan" Was a big fan of Polak till she got moved from Children and families. But the read issue is , all those honest folks who got the Order and now are in the same pile as Gordo and Dobell. Both of very questionable character for sure.If my memory serves me ,Barisoff was Gordo roomie. Not influenced by Gordo. The judge on the team should chose another place to do his civic duty.

Norm Farrell said...

May I add that Surrey councillor Barbara Steele, one of the OBC nominators, is a former (failed) BC Liberal candidate for the Legislature.

This corrupt presentation, with unworthy recipients, may be the straw that provides fatal fractures to the spine of the BC Liberal Party. The action tarnishes the award and degrades the honours rightly due appropriate recipients.

The Order of BC should not be used to reward government insiders like Dobell who has already earned extraordinary multi-source rewards from "public service" nor should it be given to Liberal Party funders. Instead, let the political party present, at their private expense, medals and regalia for an "Order of the British Columbia Liberal Party."

Gordon Campbell has few successes to celebrate and many more failures that demonstrate his unsuitability for any award from the citizens of this province. This piece demonstrates the failures:

Evil Eye said...

I am so g** d*** mad over this, I have to be very careful not to libel anyone.

Campbell, chased from the Premiership over the HST debacle; Dobel, the main architect of the Canada Line debacle and his deliberate anti-light rail rhetoric, which has cost the BC taxpayer over $1.5 billion in gold plated transit planning; Emerson who jumped the Liberal ship before it set sail; deserve censure not a bloody medal.

The Order of BC has been so cheapened, that it is now a mere bauble, like those medal handed out in Banana Republics.

Christy Clark has no shame, no morals, and is nothing more than a stooge of the bit players in this shoddy 2 penny opera called BC.

My god, has this province fallen so far? The dull thunder one hears is the mass of upchucking of people upon hearing this farce of news.

BC is nothing more than a g** d*** embarrassment and people should take to the streets and show the establishment what a real riot is!

Anonymous said...

"a bauble, like those medals handed out in Banana Republics"

A very sad day in BC. Forward this blog to all of your peers.

Anonymous said...

The investiture ceremony will be held at Government House in Victoria on Oct. 4.

cherylb said...

Over my dead body! And we have people who have spent their entire lives of over 80 years working to make BC a better place and who were nominated for the Order of BC and blown off by these Lieberal a**holes??? And all to give them to people like Campbell, Dobell and Furlong? I am just spitting mad about this!!

Please like this page. That's a good start while we decide how else to proceed with this.....!/pages/Gordon-Campbell-does-not-Deserve-the-Order-of-BC-award/251091051597176

Anonymous said...

Who is Bil Barisof?

Never heard of him.

Surely you don't get an award just for being speaker of the house. What about all those before him? Was he unusually loud?

Ken in Victoria said...

I have just reviewed the sixteen comments as posted. What can this humble gentleman in Saanich add? Lets start will a comment on the posters that support this decision. Well I did not see one. Am I surprised. Does the sun come up once a day.
To close, Govt House is located in Bictoria on Rockland Street. Will the supports of Mrs. Clark be lining the street to cheer as her Heroes arrive to meet the Queen's Head Slave.Will he or she really give these gentleman their rewards. Enough, I can not stop laughing at MRS Mother Clark. Thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

This is clearly Christy Clark's 'let them eat cake' moment.

I think the day to storm the Bastille should be Oct.4 in Victoria.

Anonymous said...

Campbell has the dirtiest record, of all the politicians, since the time Canada became a nation. There is really something, sadly, badly wrong with Campbell.

What is really sick, Campbell actually showed up to take the OBC. He really needs a mental evaluation.

This is the lowest depth yet, this province has sunk to. Then they wonder why citizens riot.

Hopefully someone has added this information, sent on Campbell to England?

I think there is a petition somewhere, to have the OBC removed from Campbell. I was so furious, I didn't take note, as to where I saw it.

Not that it matters anymore. There is no honor in the OBC, what-so-ever. The OBC should be abolished. Perhaps someone will start a petition, to do so.

Anonymous said...

You are right, DPL.

The m.o. is exactly the same. He could be a paid basher.

The OBC, is just another corrupt issue in BC. There is absolutely nothing of value, in the OBC awards.

I equate the OBC, to special prosecutors, bought and paid for.

cherylb said...

Google "Gordon Campbell is ineligible to receive the Order of BC" to find the petition to stop him from receiving it.

Abu Anka said...

I do not believe that Campbell is even eligible for the award, as he wa still an elected official when the call for nominations eneded.

Anonymous said...

Devil in the Details. Read of doesn't meet the rules. Had to be nominated by Mar. 10. Cannot be an elected member of govt. Did not resign seat for clark until Mar.14.
So, who cares about the rules.

Gini said...

Excellent post as usual, Bill. I have joined the Facebook protest and also sent a scathing e-mail to the Order of B.C. Secretariat. I urge everyone to do the same. Is there a petition that we can sign as well?

If our voices are ignored, as I expect they will be, I suggest that we all converge on Government House on Oct 4th to show those corrupt s.o.b.s that we're 'as mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore'.

Anonymous said...

The contact e-mail address for Order of BC is

William in Whistler said...

Well done Mr. Campbell. Well deserve. Eat your hearts out fools.

Love the toll-free sea-to-sky highway.

piker said...

Barisoff is more than a friend of Campbell: at one point they were roommates in Victoria.

I have no problem with Campbell getting the OBC, eventually. I do have a problem with him getting while being a sitting MLA, which is prohibited. Nominations closed March 10: he resigned his seat on March 15.

piker said...

To continue on my previous post:

Provincial Symbols and Honours Act

Section 17 (2)

(2) A person who is an elected federal, provincial or municipal representative is not eligible to be appointed a member of the Order while that person remains in office.

ChristyClarkFan said...

There's now an Order of BC for Sean Holman site you might like.

Leah said...

Anon could anyone refer to any member of the liberal government as "Honourable"? There is nothing remotely honourable about any one of them...which is why when speaking to/of them we should merely be titleing them as Mr., Mrs. or Ms.

Honour is something you earn, not something you're given.

Ken in Victoria said...

Dear Mr. Tieleman, this mental midget in Saanich will now prepare new honours list for British Columbia residents. The name shall be Order of the Wise Women and Men of British Columbia. First will be Chris,then Two Bill's and all others who voted against the HST. If I was Mr. Opfrey Winfree , all would get Jaguars. As for the Non Members, I am quite sure Old Mother Mrs. Clark will bake a big cake. She sure has laid enough eggs. I must stop LOL Too Much. Call me Sir Kenneth.

Anonymous said...

ChristyClarkFan / Josef's comment is both here and at the GS and I suspect many others...

Interesting tactic Josef. Attempt to deflect and shame those rightfully outraged that this filth be given an award... If I were Sean I would tell you to stuff it because your not helping anyone - or is that the whole point?

Anonymous said...

@Bill Tieleman, as your are both writing for the Tyee, I hope you can get Bridgette DePape out on the 4th to join the protest against this OBC.

Ron1 said...

Aquilini deserves the Order - after all he has donated almost $1/4 million to the BC fiberals over the years.

ChristyClarkFan said...

As to, "Attempt to deflect and shame those rightfully outraged that this filth be given an award..."

Nope. Just a suggestion instead of tearing down, why not put forth a positive alternative?

Granted, I think Campbell deserves it. But Dobell & Emerson - where you guys should be aiming your fire - clearly do not. One even "pleaded guilty to breaking the Lobbyists Registration Act" which is a lot more serious than a DUI. A lot more.

I'd read Tieleman's expose for more.

Anonymous said...

Just saying...

Lance Finch (chairperson of the Order of BC Selection Committee) was appointed to his position as Chief Justice of the British Columbia Court of Appeal on June 6, 2001.

Coincidentally, Gordon Campbell was sworn in as Premier on June 5, 2001.

Just saying.

Ken in Victoria said...

Mr. Tielimen Today is now Labour Day and comments today must reflect the important role the Labour movement has been to Canadian society. Would Canada not be a wheat and weak Republic, lesser light on the world scale of best countries. Certainly, BC liberals in the last ten years have tried to defeat that movement. In conjunction their their money bags supports, they has attempted and succeeded in lowering the standard of living for the middle class. The last attack is on teachers. Mr. Abbot states no increase in wages, however please pay more in taxes. His money bag friends receive lower taxes, so called job creaters. Did they cry when the lower HST rate was off set by this incease in business taxes. NO No as families first and teachers family are used as an election lightning rod. Good thing teachers have a higher IQ and will deal with the problem to support Children. Lets support the teachers and union members. They deserve respect, not an attack by Mr Abbot

Bill P said...

This is indeed, a good start. Next up should be shaming him home from England if enough twist was put on Harper's arm. I'm sure the English press would LOVE those mug shots from Hawaii and the goofy drunken smile.Throw in his miserable record and get him sent home to live in the cesspool of disgrace he so richly deserves. If he was on fire across the street and I had to go really bad....Naw- I'd wait for a washroom.

Anonymous said...

You NDP jokers like to whine an complain a bunch. Every time I come onto this blog there is a new bitch fest underway. How do you all manage to survive with such misery in your lives ?

Anonymous said...

I see 'Stalin' is now revealing his true colours (or should I say 'colors' given his nationality.

The new call letter for JK being CCF which as most 'Canadians" know was the predecessor of the NDP.

For JK aka CCF that was the Canadian Commonwealth Federation.

I wonder if his name ambivalence is an indication of his 'personality'?

ruraidh said...

This is about as tawdry as the selling of papal indulgences in the 15th century.

Anonymous said...

Order of B.C. = Order of Bull Chips

Anonymous said...

If you people in the comments really hate Christy Clark Fan... Josef... whatevah, get over it. No positive, affirmative message = no election win in 2013 for anybody but Christy Clark.

Bill will tell ya: You don't score from home ice on defense. You have to take on Alise Mills and win, somehow, someway like w/ the HST with shoe leather.

DPL said...

On a subject dear to most of us. The Globe and Mail today, Monday, tells us that the BC Liberals are looking at the idea of reducing the wait time to end the HST. Falcon of course is complaining that Dix says he would do it in under a year.Things should speed up soon, when the house actually sits

Ken in Victoria said...

I note there are a few supports of the decision regarding Mr. Campbell. They appear to be from small minded people. Their comments are short sentences. In order to construction a two sentence statement would take two days, Regardless, I hope they continue. Must celebrate Labour Day past, present and future. Would a history lesson on CCF, etc be in order?

Anonymous said...

It is better to ignore the bashers. They contribute nothing of value. We know what they are going to say, before they say it. Their names are changed, numerous times. However, their m.o. doesn't change. They are pathetically easy to recognize.

The OBC is now nothing of value. Campbell twice lied to be re-elected, for two different elections. Campbell is famous for his, lies, deceit, thefts, corruption, his DUI, and he is, as vindictive as a silly little juvenile. That's what it takes, to win the OBC. Honesty, integrity and decency, has no place in the OBC.

Anonymous said...

Sunday, 4 September, 2011 3:23:00 PM PDT

William in Whistler said...
Well done Mr. Campbell. Well deserve. Eat your hearts out fools.
Love the toll-free sea-to-sky highway.
There you go folks,This guy has just told you where protest... rather than take a wasted expensive trip to Victoria, go where it will hurt and disrupt the Liberals and their Judges,lawyers, where the liberal money suppliers and bag men are, Sea to sky Hwy, Lions gate Bridge , Steelworkers Memorial bridge.
That's a great suggestion William in Whistler.

Ruraidh said...

The award to Campbell is evidently a very clumsy piece of backdating. Since the committee did include a lawyer, I assume the committee did check the existing regulations. Some governance.

Anonymous said...

To William of Whistler. Where have you been these past few years? Everyone traveling that highway is being counted and A SHADOW TOLL IS BEING PAID BY ALL TAXPAYERS. Everytime you travel up to your cushy pad
WE ALL pay for YOUR trip. By the way the right to collect those tolls has been sold to another off shore company. Check it out and get your head out of the sand.


lolcatz said...

This mess has the trademarks of Craig James' meddling. Links to Barisoff, an MLA (premier) getting an award, shortcuts,'s all there.

Anonymous said...

if you guys are so mad about this issue, why dont you get off your butt and run for politics or the committee for the order of bc. make change, instead of complaining about it. you all hate gordo, but i dont see you running for office. you just like to complain to be hear.

Anonymous said...

to the last anonymous, do you not think the people should be heard by their government?

Ken in Victoria said...

Dear Mr.Anonymous at 7;09 PM on September 5, 2011. First of all, I guess you will not be running for office but your mouth is certainly running. A foul month will only show a lack of IQ. Now, I am in Saanich. Why is non foul mouthed gentleman commenting in the Vancouver area.Could it be that I am planning to running for office in that area. The answer is yes. I feel I have positive thoughts to add. As the VanPoint Gray is represented by a weak link that is the riding I am targeting. As an independent, I feel I can be competitive. Now if I draw 600 votes and the liberal and NDP candidates percentage do not change,I will have acquired victory as the weakest link will be the miss link. Thank you for this opportunity to state my position. Please continue to comment. Finally, as I have outlined before Mr. Tieteman is providing a valuable service.

Anonymous said...

In addition to the @NoOrderForGordo Twitter account, there’s a “Gordon Campbell does not Deserve the Order of BC award” page on Facebook.

That’s right, not eligible. From another petition by Cheryl McNevin Baron:

According to the Government of BC’s own Order of BC website, nominations for the 2011 awards closed March 10, 2011, and “your nominee must not currently be an elected person with federal, provincial or municipal governments”.

Gordon Campbell did not step down as MLA, clearing the way for Christy Clark to run in his riding of Vancouver-Point Gray, until March 14th. Thus, at the close of nominations he was “currently an elected person”.

e.a.f. said...

These 3 stink on ice. For Campbell add booze over ice.
Campbell doesn't deserve the honor and neither do his "buddies".
It makes a mockery out of the "honour".
Campbell was arrested for drunk driving; led this province into the biggest deficit in history, sold B.C. Rail--gave it away; drove Hydro into huge looses with IPPs; reduced funding for the vunerable; reduced health care; implemented taxes for most of the people in B.C. and reduced them for corporations.
If the guy shows up for the award, how much is it costing us in tax dollars.
About the only thing these 3 deserve is a bunch of rotten eggs because that is all they are.

Anonymous said...

all anyone on this board does is complain. you are worse than that chick running for mayor of vancouver, susan anton. everytime she is on the news, she is complain about how poor of a job the current mayor is doing. instead, why doesnt she talk about what she would do to change the city's current policies. she looks like, in my opinion, carol james. i am only 30 years old so i am just getting into this politics thing, but everytime i would see her on the news she would just complain. the reason she didnt get voted is because no body knew what she could do. maybe she should have told somebody instead of looking like a complainer. get off your butt and make change!
on another note, clack should not have to call an election. let her run the show for a bit. again, its all the complainers, complaining before she has a chance to do something good. in 3 years if she doesnt, then vote for somebody else. dix would not have called an election if he was in her shoes. ndp finally would have had power, they couldnt give it up that easy.
cj allan

Anonymous said...

Hey whiners, especially the old folks. Since you whine and complain about anything, do you understand why the majority, especially the young have TUNED YOU OUT. Maybe pick your battle wisely is a smarter thing to do but this won't happen. Old and stupid is the definition of history.

By the way, Layton wasn't eligible for a state funeral. Seems like some rules were broken here too. Selling out to the french is treachery.

Anonymous said...

Glen Clark wasn't on Bill's list of Premiers.

Guess Bill agrees with most, that Glen Clark was so bad, he dosen't deserve mention.

But Bill VanderZalm? Second worst Premier ever (maybe even the worst BC has ever had).

Mike Harcourt was boring, but Dan Miller was actually good in the short time he was there.

Ujjal jumped ship and swam over to the federal Liberals, which utlimately wrecked and needs a tow off the rocks by the NDP.

Anonymous said...

By the way, Layton wasn't eligible for a state funeral

Layton wasn't eligible, yes, but Harper offered that to the family out of respect. It wasn't asked for.

Anonymous said...

dix would not have called an election if he was in her shoes. ndp finally would have had power, they couldnt give it up that easy.

Quite correct. Dix wouldn't call an immediate election. In fact it was laughable that he couldn't (or more correctly - wouldn't) answer a question as to what he would do for teacher salaries if he was Premier.

Easy to complain. Much harder to come up with workable solutions.

Vanayssa Love said...

Is there no end to the disappointment this liberal government provides for us? No, the answer is no, there is no end to it. Until they are out and gone. We need to pay more attention and take action on a personal level...what about the two hundred million missing from BC Med's coffers, where has it really gone? Has it really gone to foreigners from all over the world sneaking in and using our hospitals for free surgeries, using fake care cards? Or has this money been a huge slush fund for government messing around with? How do we know? How do we find out? I sure don't want to give Mr. Campbell the Order of BC or anything else. Maybe we could arrange a time-payment plan so he could pay us back the 200 mill out of his own wallet. Why am I the only one complaining about the BC Med fiasco?? Where are all the voices?? And here is my Like for this FB page, let's put a stop to this Order of BC thing.

Anonymous said...

By the way, Layton wasn't eligible for a state funeral

Layton wasn't eligible, yes, but Harper offered that to the family out of respect. It wasn't asked for.

You don't get it. It cost taxpayer's money and hurt those who didn't care about him. Typical for those who want handouts and never pays back.

Ken in Victoria said...

Well, Mr. Tieleman I must state that the anti NDP ers have been released from the fun farm.I am so happy because I will have a better place to stay.Their comments as to past are a blast into the past. I guess they were denied news outlets for the last ten years.Will I attempt to educate them. NO,I have better things to do as I live in the present.
However, I must comment s to Mr. Layton. He is a giant in the Canadian political situation. Mr Harper did the right thing. If asked I am sure both Mr. Campbell and Ms. Clark would agree. Do I have to type more. NO.

Ken in Victoria said...

Well, Bill another day. Did I see the sun rise from under the Tillicum Bridge (Rob Fleming side)?Why was I not in a hotel with the padded walls. I guess the boys and girls in the white suits rounded up those pro Clark people. I now no why they wish to be Anonymous.Now for my official comment. On October the 4th, let have the anti supports of Mrs.Clark's heroes stand on the left side of Rockland Ave. Then the supports could stand on the right side. The people from Eric Martin could then have a easy time returning the rightist (Wrongest)to their stable.
As for people in Vancouver area,the suggestion to lining two bridges would be welcome. As a final note, will Mrs. Cakes gentlemen of honour arrive by helicopter. Maybe! I am prepared to pack their parachutes as it might be a cheaper way to delivery the men. In addition, it would kill three birds with one stone. I will get a good knights sleep that knight.

Anonymous said...

You Missed Crystal Dunahee on your complete list of recipients...

Anonymous said...

You don't get it. It cost taxpayer's money and hurt those who didn't care about him. Typical for those who want handouts and never pays back.

Um neither do you. Layon was a one of a kind politician. The NDP is filled with advocacy for those who want handouts and never pay back.

But in this instance, Layton received a state funeral granted by a Prime Minister many Canadians including those on this blog would never vote for.

Anonymous said...

thanks complainers for wasting more taxpayer's money. thank god the majority of the people have tuned you out and don't care about your ideology. politics are for chumps.

and funny, layton will be the downfall of the ndp. The french slant will destroy the party.

Ken in Victoria said...

It is a new day and I must type as an Anonymous person. My Oak Bay girlfrind has order me to take a time out to focus on her demands.
Now Anonymous at10:54 PM. Thanks for wasting our time.The majority are tuning you out.Ideology, politics are for fools.People like you will be the down fall of the liberal party.My OBGF states I am God's gift to women. You and your friends are his gift to the opposition partys.Please, keep typing so I have an excuse to offer my opinion. Thank you.
BS Mr. Campbell,his associates and Mrs. Clark are destroying the liberal brand. They do not need your help.

Anonymous said...

politics are for chumps

Since this is a political blog, why are you here, chump?

Ken in Victoria said...

Well I got caught by my GF. I forgot to sign in as Mr or Ms. Anonymous, stupidity is my middle name but I was smart enough to own Oak Bay girl and a Jaguar. I am limited to 15 min in comments so here goes.
Premiers Vander Zalm and Clark (Glen) have been unfair criticised. So have other premiers whether elected or just elected by the party as is the case of Mrs. clark. Note and note very carefully that the two mentioned gentleman never spent time in jail, had to use a chauffeur because of a DUI and did not spent $240, 000 aqnd than resign after been publicly disgraced in tax payer Tv ad. I guess Mr. Campbell does not have a face for Radio either. Mr. W.A. C. Bennett was a hero to many. His son was an inside trader in the Domain as in Herb case. He was disgrace and punished. History lesson from my grande father. Thank you for reading.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the ndp god's gift to the liberal party. dix is carole james in disguise. Check for the adam's apple Kennie. Oak Bay is where the ladyboys hangout.

By the way, I never vote. It's a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a lot of bitter old men. Is it a generation thing or just bad genes. So what if the majority don't really care to even vote. Are you angry few people are listening to you, just like your own children? Oh well, I don't care about any order of BC. It's a waste of time including those complaining.

Carissa in White Rock said...

Kenny. Anyone alluding that they are a ladies man on the internet is for sure the opposite. You got no game and have to pay for it. Nothing to be proud of buddy. How can you afford the Viagra? Your own words "you own oak bay girl". And by the way, wow, you have a jaguar with 300,000 KM on it. Your parents and friends must be thrilled to know you.

Alluding means trying to make an indirect reference if Kenny doesn't understand.

Ken in Victoria said...

Hello Mr. Tielman It is a new day but will the boring people still be boring me. I thought White Rock contained people of High IQ's. I see were there is one exception in addition to the MLA who is a liberal, I believe. I do not know the name of that person?
To close,as it is Friday, I take a four day long weekend every weak. Therefore, type you on Tuesday.
PS Next Friday I will meet Mr. Van der Zalm. That will be the greatest day in my short life.

Anonymous said...

PS Next Friday I will meet Mr. Van der Zalm. That will be the greatest day in my short life.

You're partially right. Meeting VanderZalm will definately shorten one's life.

He many be a hero to many because the HST, but many did not see the widespread damage he and his supporters did in the late 1980's.

There's been nothing like it since.

and yes it was VanderZalm that brought in and set the rules for, the Order of B.C.

Anonymous said...

hey Kennie from Victoria. Come up with some original zingers. Your comebacks are lame. You sound like a tool. By the way, prostitution is illegal in Canada and paying for it doesn't make you a stud. I guess you want to be just like Gordo and pay for everything to get an award.

Ken in Victoria said...

Dear Mr. Blog Author. To day is Friday the thirteenth on a Tuesday. I feel lucky. Maybe I will go to the Lucky Bar tonite
and really get lucky. I will make one woman very lucky.
The subject here is the Campbell and two other bums and the disorder of BC. Before October the fourth I will pass out clothes pins to the staff are Govt house just in case these three smellly gendleman really show up.
I have reread all comments and feel I have nothing more to add. However, as stated I can offer parachutes.
Well must go and spent the rest of the day bothering others.Sorry for bothering the readers here.