Monday, May 02, 2011

NDP "Orange Crush" devastates Liberals, Bloc Quebecois - but Conservative majority government elected

NDP devastates Liberals, Bloc Quebecois to take Official Opposition for first time but Conservatives win majority government!

A Conservative majority government, the NDP as official opposition, the Liberals devastated, the Bloc Quebecois destroyed, the Greens irrelevant - what a night.

More soon and my 24 hours/The Tyee column to come.



DPL said...

The number was 103 just now and the green woman turfed out the little man Lunn. He will end up in the Senate or ambassador to lower Sublovia.
Your reading of the event of a couple of weeks ago turned out to be correct

Anonymous said...

What's the point, yay NDP, but Harper can now do what he wants with his vast majority. Canada is screwed.

Anonymous said...

what about your prediction Bill for Jack not to fall into the trap?

Looks like Jack finally has put the NDP on the map by staying in the mushy middle.

RonS said...

We're in for it now with Harper having a majority. This may be Harpers trap though, thinking he now can push his program without fear of an election. I believe he will turn off the CONServatives like SCampbell did here in BC and we can look forward to the next election and finally rid ourselves of a right wing government.