Monday, March 28, 2011

Erik Bornmann -Basi-Virk Crown witness who paid for confidential govt info - wants to pass "good character" test to be Ontario lawyer

Erik Bornmann
Erik Bornmann - the Crown's key witness in the political corruption trial of David Basi and Bob Virk - and the man who paid them money and benefits in exchange for confidential government information on the $1 billion sale of BC Rail - wants to pass a "good character" test and become and Ontario lawyer.

At a 2-day hearing that starts today Bornmann will attempt to convince the Law Society of Upper Canada that his involvement in paying Basi and Virk to get confidential government documents while he was a lobbyist for one of the BC Rail bidders in 2003 should not prevent him from becoming a lawyer.

I first broke news in 24 hours newspaper of Bornmann's attempts to become a lawyer in other Ontario and later New York several years ago but those efforts were thwarted by what was then the upcoming fraud and breach of trust trial of Basi and Virk.  That trial ended in a surprise guilty plea bargain in October 2010 and now Bornmann's hearing in Toronto can go ahead.

I will attempt to update readers by long distance, as I cannot attend the hearing in Toronto.

My Basi-Virk case colleague Neal Hall of the Vancouver Sun has a full report on the situation today.



Anonymous said...

Wonder if Premier Chirsty Clark has an opinion on Erik Bornmann becoming a lawyer despite admitting to criminal offences.

ron1 said...

Perhaps Christ Clark should make a similar test!

The following is a great video that uses humour to get at the issue:

DPL said...

If this character gets to be a lawyer, the general public's opinion of lawyers will drop a few more notches

Anonymous said...

Typical that Bornmann wants to become a lawyer on Bay St in Toronto!

Better out there than here!

Anonymous said...

"If this character gets to be a lawyer, the general public's opinion of lawyers will drop a few more notches"

Sorry DPL, all politicians are already low to the ground, lower than lawyers.