Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bill Tieleman in Mexico - hasta luego!

Bill Tieleman in Mexico
Hola amigas y amigos!

I will be in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico from January 13 through 20th on holiday - there won't likely be any postings till I return.

I will do my best to moderate and post comments when I can - if I feel like it and if I'm not busy drinking cerveza and tequila.

But watch for my column Tuesday in 24 hours newspaper and The Tyee online.  It will ruffle a few feathers on all sides of the BC Legislature in my absence I predict!

Hasta luego!



Pacfic Duchess said...

You deserve this vacation Bill and your family.

I wish you all the bestest of fun, and resting in the sun with all your favorites. Which is the most fun for those who work endlessly in the name of fairness and justice, and good journalism.
I am sooo looking forward to my next vaction.
God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Guess who else is in Mexico?
Brian Kieran!

Before leaving our wet coast BK said: "The more I am informed about information and mis-information collected over the past seven years for use at the Basi/Virk trial the more I feel compelled to support full and final disclosure."

Imagine that - someone inside Christy Clark's campaign thinks an inquiry could be a good idea.

Why the change of mind BK?

Alex G. Tsakumis provides some informative background.