Monday, May 17, 2010

Fight HST citizens Initiative petition passes 500,000 signature mark! 72 of 85 ridings have reached 10% minimum goal

BC Liberal Finance Minister Colin "Huggies" Hansen explains on Global TV why disposable diapers are a necessity when the HST is imposed.

In another stunning week of success, the Fight HST citizens Initiative petition has passed the 500,000 signatures mark - representing over 15% of all registered BC voters!

Fight HST also announced that the minimum required 10% of all voters in each riding has now been reached in 72 of BC's 85 ridings.

This comes on the heels of the BC government's 10 months late release of what will be taxed an extra 7% under the HST - a list that former BC Premier Bill Vander Zalm - the Fight HST leader - says is woefully inaccurate and misleading.

“We spent some time reviewing the list and have determined it is totally bogus. The government has, once again, deliberately tried to mislead the public when it comes to the HST. They just can’t seem to ever tell the truth,’ said Vander Zalm.

Vander Zalm says the list excludes almost all “services” that will now have HST applied to them.

“They left out items such as; catering; computer repair services; consulting services; commercial leases; fishing charters; home appraisals; investment counseling; limousine rentals; skiing; and even parking fees!”

And in more good news - the NO BC HST Facebook group - BC's largest protest group and second only by 19,000 to the Vancouver Canucks Facebook fan page of all BC sites - has passed the 136,000 member mark! Thanks to everyone who has joined.

Here is Fight HST's news release:

News Release

Monday, May 17, 2010

Fight HST petition hits 500,000 signatures representing 15% of registered voters province wide

72 of 85 Ridings meet Elections BC threshold of 10%, with 51 Ridings exceeding 15%.

Vancouver, Richmond and Burnaby numbers soar

With seven weeks to go in a 13 week campaign, organizers for the Initiative petition to repeal the HST report they have collected 500,000 signatures representing 15% of registered voters province wide.

Organizers say that 72 of 85 ridings have crossed the Elections BC 10% threshold, with 51 of those going over the Fight HST internal threshold of 15%.

“This is monumental,” said Fight HST Lead Organizer, Chris Delaney, “We are not even half way through the campaign, and we are on track to complete our 10% threshold in all 85 ridings by next week, with everyone reaching their 15% target by the first or second week of June.”

Delaney says that 78 of 85 ridings have reported for this week, representing a total of 475,680 signatures in hand. He says there are another 25,000 signatures in the pipeline still to come, bringing the total collected to over 500,000.

“The most encouraging sign is the surge in Vancouver, Richmond and Burnaby. Those ridings started late, and were behind in previous reports. Now, they are not only catching up, but are tracking faster than the majority of other ridings did during their peaks.”

Delaney says they are about halfway to their 15% target in the remaining 13 ridings. He says he is confident they will complete the Elections BC threshold of 10% in all ridings in the next two weeks, with 15% achieved by the end of the second week of June in all 85 ridings.

Fight HST Leader, Bill Vander Zalm, was extremely encouraged by the results, “I was out campaigning this weekend in Vancouver, Richmond and Delta, and everywhere people wanted to sign the petition. There has been no loss of interest at all, and in fact, it just seems to keep on growing. It’s faaantastic!”



North Van's Grumps said...

In the Vancouver Province this morning Colin Hansen, in a Letter to the Editor, is blaming volunteer campaign workers for the perception that the BC Liberals said NO to HST when in fact he would have said YES.

Kash Heed has consistently laid the blame for the Death Tax brochures on the desk of volunteer campaign workers, I wonder where Hansen got his idea from. Hmmmmmmmmm

Source of letter to the editor:

DPL said...

(Maybe a large number of parents could show up at the Ledg. in the visitors galley with their small kids. Almost forgot to mention, a number of folks don't use diapers as the norm for their young ones, so of course that would be one of those days. Might get a bit messy)
Watching Hanson trying to defend the HST in question period no doubt brought more folks out to sign the NO HST . Keep those numbers rising.

Anonymous said...

In the end, doesn't matter. The HST will be here until the NDP repeals it.

So get goin' and tell the NDP to get rid of it.

The BC Liberals won't.