Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tieleman in Mexico till February 26 - comments infrequently posted

Hola amigos y amigas - I will be in Mexico on vacation until February 26.

Comments to this blog will only be infrequently posted - sorry for any inconvenience.



Angela said...

You are wise, sir. This city is about to become a bastion of insanity. Hopefully not too many people are injured in the process. (Unless, of course, they are Liberal supporters)

DPL said...

Bill, you are missing some real clangers by Vanoc such as them hiring buses from the deep south that can't make it up the hills, many hours waits to get back down the hill , just for starters. That gang couldn't organize a three person drunk

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your holiday, you deserve it. Thanks for all your excellent reporting, somebody needs to do it!

Skookum1 said...

Where in Mexico, Bill?

If you're gonna have a day or two in Mexico City, other than the sights and faves I'd recommend I'd like to suggest you find the offices of La Jornada and find a reporter who might find a profile of the political situation in Colombia Britanica interesting to write, especially in comparison to Mexican democracy and pseudo-democracy...the parallels between the PRI years down there and what is evolving in BC are too many to list....

Anonymous said...

At the rate the 2010 Calamity Games is imploding on the front pages of the world's press: The Guardian, The London Times, The Washington Post and even The Wall Street Journal . . . VANOC its sad-sack leader Furlong along with BC's fearless leaders Gordo and Gregor will be international lepers within a few weeks.

But when the massive bills and service cuts hit the citizens of BC the entire bunch of Games profiteers will be lucky to avoid being tarred and feathered.


Bill Tieleman said...

Thanks all - I am in Huatulco, Mexico south of Acapulco - a very quiet resort area with large ecological reserves.

For those interested in perceptions of the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver from down here in Mexico - it is mostly a non-event that takes a distant second or third place to Mexican soccer and European soccer - none of the Olympic competitions are on TV in the hotel bars and it's only possible to find summaries on CNN or Spanish language TV stations in the hotel rooms.

And most CNN reporting has been on the various problems occurring in Vancouver with both the tragic death of a competitor to snow and weather woes.

Hopefully some more positive light will be shone on Vancouver as the Games progress.

Anonymous said...

Here's some news!

BC Liberal MLA Jane Nornthwaite of North Van Seymour was picked up for driving drunk at 1 a.m., after attending an Olympic party last night!

But still no MSM mention of the successful $3 million lawsuit for the crooked bidding process on that highway to Kincolith.

Anonymous said...

What are we to expect in Gordon Campbell's Evil Empire.

Dirty politicians, dirty judges, dirty lawyers, dirty cops, dirty public servants and worst of all an absolutely filthy ON THE TAKE media.

So just go home, turn on your TV set, crack open a beer or a toke and watch the Olympics and BELIEVE!

You will have the next thirty years to pay off this piss-up of an Olympic party's bill.


Anonymous said...

Vaughn Palmer picked up the Kincolith story see comments section with links here:

Anonymous said...

Hi Bill,
Oh good, you'll be home in time to join a neighbourhood rally against cuts to Education. Connaght Park, east field, 10am this Sunday (BEFORE the big hockey game!)
Sara M.