Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Only one way to fight the BC HST - recall BC Liberal MLAs - and plan for it now

John Les and Ida Chong - two BC Liberal MLAs with the lowest vote percentage - and potentially easiest to recall over the HST.

Tax Revolt! HST Hatred Keeps Growing

Bill Tieleman's 24 hours/The Tyee column

Tuesday August 11, 2009

By Bill Tieleman

The HST is going to be good for all concerned, but there are exceptions.

- B.C. Tourism Minister Kevin Krueger

There is only one way to stop the B.C. Liberals’ plan to impose a Harmonized Sales Tax on British Columbians -- a recall campaign that ends their legislative majority.

Premier Gordon Campbell is clear -- despite enormous opposition and more than 65,500 people joining my Facebook protest group NO BC HST -– that he will go ahead despite the fact that 85 per cent of BCers despise the HST.

Those Ipsos Reid polling results show that people realize anything currently taxed with the five per cent GST will get an extra 7 per cent tax added on in July 2010 for a total 12 per cent HST.

Consumers would pay an extra $1.9 billion a year –- with all that money going to big business. Not a dime of the HST will pay for healthcare, education or social services.

Reasons to recall

It looks like the only way to force Campbell and Finance Minister Colin Hansen to drop the HST is to threaten their legislative majority and, if necessary, recall enough B.C. Liberal MLAs that they cannot remain in government.

The appropriate response to abuses of power is to remove that power. Taking out just eight B.C. Liberals would defeat the government.

It’s not easy. Despite promises to improve recall legislation -- sound familiar? -- the Campbell government did nothing.

But it’s also far from impossible.

First, the recall campaign cannot start under Elections B.C. rules until 18 months after the election -- November 2010 -- but organizing can take place now to identify voters who want to recall their B.C. Liberal MLA.

That’s important because once the recall petition process begins you only have 60 days to collect the signatures of 40 per cent of voters who were registered voters for that riding during the May 12th provincial election.

A tough task -- but recall pre-organizing can happen without spending limits until petitions are filed.

Liberals most vulnerable to recall

Successful recall pre-organizing could panic the government into dropping the HST, because if not, Campbell and Hansen would lose power long before the 2013 election.

That may be enough, but if not, here are the unlucky 13 B.C. Liberal MLAs easiest to recall, in order of their percentage of votes won in 2009:

Eric Foster -- Vernon-Monashee, 37 per cent; John Slater -- Boundary-Similkameen, 37 per cent; Pat Pimm -- Peace River North, 43 per cent; Bill Barisoff -- Penticton, 44 per cent; John Les -- Chilliwack, 45 per cent; Murray Coell -- Saanich North and the Islands, 45 per cent; Marc Dalton -- Maple Ridge-Mission, 46 per cent; Ida Chong -- Oak Bay, 47 per cent; George Abbott -- Shuswap, 47 per cent; Terry Lake -- Kamloops-North Thompson, 47 per cent; Margaret MacDiarmid -- Vancouver-Fairview, 47 per cent; Don McRae -- Comox Valley, 47 per cent; Donna Barnett -- Cariboo-Chilcotin, 48 per cent.

And one more for good measure. At 17th place, there is Gordon Campbell -- Vancouver-Point Grey, 50 per cent.

If you haven’t joined the Facebook group NO BC HST you can do so here.

The B.C. NDP also has an online petition against the HST, as do a few other folks, even more folks and the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association.


DPL said...

(Times Colonist Editorial Tuesday)
Individual voters also have a role to play. Those who stand to lose from the imposition of the additional tax should keep up the pressure, or get involved in protests such as the no-HST Facebook group organized by political commentator Bill Tieleman.

Mark Shaw said...

Hi Bill,

Are you going to lead the effort? If so, tell me where I can sign up.

Anonymous said...


The behaviour of the party on this isssue certainly invites recall. But I really do not see any way to stop this. Wasn't the HST one of the requirements of the federal "bail out" money? The Premier and Dix should be recalled for lying about this issue but no one can make it go away.

Anonymous said...

So when is the demo in Vancouver? You have now more than 65,000 people, if only 10% attend the demo in Vancouver downtown that would be huge, time to take the next step...

Anonymous said...

NO BC HST,but no NDP neither, vote for the best independant candidate in your riding next time....

Powell river persuader said...

Recall must happen,Harper almost faced a take-over bid.....

Here in BC politicians have gone wild,they have zero scruples,BC can set a precedent for recall through-out Canada......

It can be done very easily,will the tax be enacted by then,probably but a new goverment can start clawing it back......

Recall,it`s possible,my biggest fear is that Campbell attempts to squash the already weak recall legislation,if he does it will show FEAR..........

The spin from the public affairs is ridiculous,it`s voodoo econimcs .......

Lets face facts,forestry won`t turn around until 2 things happen,a major reduction in raw log exports and a spike in US demand.......
Mining,this BS about spuring investments,Alcan/Rio Tinto slashed production because of the world price,if copper spikes or other metals spike in price they will come.....if price bottoms out they won`t be coming......

We have no manufactoring in BC,thats Ontario`s game......

And lets face more facts,2$ dollars a day for a Chinese worker overseas,that`s where manufactoring is and has gone ......
So Campbell wants to pull 1500$ to 2000$ out of families yearly budgets,only a fool would say they are not going to pull back their spending....
Look at all the dollar specials at fast food joints,look at all the Starbucks that have closed....

Small business/food industry/tourism,those are the backbone of employers in this province........

Last point,big business/forestry,they don`t pay PST to the tree faller,the truck driver,they don`t charge home depot PST and that goes for all big industry,and big industry including forestry have the ability to write off losses on future earnings,in other words the gobbily from Jock Finlason is just that,bunk!
P.S. And how can anyone compare Atlantic Canada to BC,check out the price of a home in Halifax,100K--150K-.....BC 500K.....
What kind of debt load are they carrying compared to BC........

And PAB..Don`t squawk about paying for health/education because Hansen calls it revenue neutral,unless you want to call Hansen a liar on that fact,don`t go there!

Anonymous said...

Facebook group to begin organizing.


Angela said...

Another exercise in running around in circles, thinking we have the power to do something. We have squat! Recall legislation is a joke, some of the highlights are in Bill's column. 18 months before anything can be done, another 2 months of collecting signatures plus about another 2 months of Elections BC sorting it out. Then we would get around to a bye-election that they could win their seat back anyways. Finally a bit of rest before the main election is due again.

40% of registered voters? I guess you can scratch Peace River North from your list, they couldn't get 40% of the voters out to the election. Ditto for Richmond Centre (heavy Liberal base) and 2 other elctoral districts that failed to garner 40%. You want to consider the several that just barely squeaked over 40% as well?

And what if any of these Liberals are recalled? Even if the 85% figure is accurate and meaningful, who would everyone vote for in the bye-election? That good old standard FPTP that brought us another unwarranted majority would probably prove what a retarded system it is when all the Liberal voters, seeing that they won't have the strength to win, will put their votes to good use by voting Green or Conservative, whichever will keep NDP from winning a seat.

Lose 12 seats, no NDP gains. Oh, surprise! It's still a Liberal government. And speaking of the so-called 'insignificant' Green Party which Bill correctly predicted would not win a seat. They still got twice as many insignificant votes as the measly 65,000 signed up on a certain Facebook group, so maybe the strength in that group has a little way to go yet. Wake me up when someone comes up with a good idea.

Anonymous said...

The forest industry are to get 150 million dollars. That will all go to managment bonuses. Hopeless Harper will give sleazy Campbell a billion and a half of tax payers dollars to do what he wants with it. This guy is a liar and cannot be trusted at all. That goes for the whole cabinet. We have even quit buying lotto tickets. There is massive theft and corruption by this group of thieves in Victoria.
In the last twenty years there have been a lot of immigrants coming to Canada.Where do these people stand? I'm a Canadian whose family has been here for 200 years and we don't plan on leaving. Canada is a great place and it should not be destroyed by sleazy voters or sleazy people running for a very corrupt Liberal government.

Anonymous said...

1:08- Dix ?whats he gonna be recalled for ?

Anonymous said...

Powell river persuader:I think that our governor general,made a big mistake by allowing harper to close the door's on parliament like that,the law clearly states that if the opposition parties have a majority of the seats there has to be a vote there was no legitimate reason not to have the vote!Its the law!!!!!what happened ?

Anonymous said...

That's what big business hasn't figured out yet who's going to buy there product if we give it all to the government?In actuality their,playing both of us.OK?

Anonymous said...

Do you think it was a coincidence that harper was here so many times?Do you really think he was here to announce the Evergreen line, or to set up the frame work for the hst?wheres the line-(postponed), alas the hst remains!

Anonymous said...

My take on things is that the bc libs will be giving monies to plutonic power and other run of river projects out of the 1.6 billion from the feds, in light of the latest ruling from the bcuc the rest of the money is ear marked for the olympics and more perks for big business.
Does this government do anything for the average person in this province anymore???
where has the road tax dollars gone to that they imposed during their first term? remember that? 3.5 cents a litre.
how much has been collected since the imposition of the gas tax?
and dont tell me its revenue neutral,its not.
so as of july 1 of 2010 my carbon tax goes up and I get the hst!!gosh I feel lucky .. quit bitching about the 90's that was a walk in the park compared to what we are going to be facing in the future if we can ever get the crooks in gov to tell all and stop shredding and deleting documents..
what this has cost us in this province is staggering far greater than any of us can imagine
our public resources gone, our rivers owned by corporations instead of the people, thousands of people living on the streets and they yet another huge tax gift to big business.
Seething outrage just dosent cover what I feel about these so called public servants

Anonymous said...

There has been a lot of TALK and coverage "about doing something" but soon there has to be an ACTION!

Labour Day is an option, and 5000 angry citizens on Granville Street and ending at the Convention Centre would be a good start.

Even better would be 10 or 20 thousand for the first day back in Victoria.

Sadly, the only group currently with the resourses to undertake this is the NDP but with its "useless leader" they will likely screw the pooch.

The Left, Right and Centre have to be brought together to fight this since if it is left to Carole everybody might as well stay home and drown their sorrows in beer and watch hockey.


MikeDW said...

Recall will take 18 months - by then it will be too late to stop HST. Wouldn't using the other half of the recall/initiative option - i.e., a NO-HST initiative - send a stronger message? That could start immediately.

Henri Paul said...

Mike Dunham-Wilkie 8:37 AM, made a very interesting suggestion , yet, no one has commented on it, why?

Powell river persuader said...

As was reported bt Miro Cerntineg (columnist at the Vancouver sun)

Gordon Campbell read a report/discussion paper from the :BC progress board: in december 2008......

And the report,which is geared to promote big business,clearly reccomends the HST......

And,the report/discussion paper in the first few pages cleary explains that the public outcry was going to be severe,which of course turned out to be true.....

This HST is voodoo economics,but thats not the point,Campbell and Hansen stated that the HST wasn`t on their radar,well Ontario brought it in with their march budget,and clearly Colin Hansen as finance minister would of gone through this report with a fine tooth comb........

Which of course means....That Colin Hansen/Gordon Campbell are lying their faces off,it wasn`t on their radar,or their GPS,or their blackberry,but it was in their briefcases.....

Here is the link to the BC progress board report.


Be mindful of the capitol letters in the above link....I will post a direct link over at the Tyee under Bill Ts story.

Cheers_Eyes Wide Open

Angela said...

I like your thinking Mike. Initiative would get around that 18 month barrier. Unfortunately this is even harder than recall, needing 50% of registered voters (as well as 50% in 2/3 of the districts, 57 or more) when, sorry if the initiative gets to a vote. Also, you need only 10% of eligible voters to get the initiative looked at but you need that in all 85 districts, 1 failure means it's not even considered. My interepretation of the act is that the government has to then approve of the initiative before it is tabled to be put to a referendum. And that won't happen in this case. Even if all these hurdles are surpassed, the next iniative date set aside is the last Saturday in September.....

You get the feeling we are meant to have our voices heard but ignored?

Bill Tieleman said...

Thanks to Mike for the Initiative question - which he and I have discussed by phone - I will be writing on this in the Tyee and 24 hours on Tuesday!

DPL said...

I'm wondering how John Les's police investigation of some land deals is progressing. May not have to recall him after all

Anonymous said...

For me, this doesn't work:





Look in:

"Investment in British Columbia:
Current Realities and the Way Forward"

Anonymous said...

Powell river persuader, I was astounded by that article. I could not believe that he wrote what I was reading. By him saying that it's OK for Campbell to lie about not knowing about the HST is OK, it's only the way politics is played is immoral and pathetic. Here's a quote from the article,
"But as a politician, and a man who knows how razor-thin victories often are in B.C. elections, Premier Campbell and his advisers faced another tactical problem. It would be political suicide to jump onto the HST five months before a provincial election.
And they were right. Since announcing the HST, the Liberal government's popularity has plummeted 12 percentage points in a recent poll, to just 34 per cent. It suggests that with an HST in his platform, the Liberals would not likely have won a third term in power.
So was it dishonourable to keep this major policy shift quiet? Is it a scandal?
No. It's just the craft -- and craftiness -- of politics."
Read the full article here:

Olivia said...

I also was shocked at what Miro Cerntineg wrote in the Sun article. Is this what politics in BC has become? Outright lies during an election is "crafty politics" and that's okay with him? Unbelievable!!

CanadianMalcontent said...

I think the only way to get this stopped is for people to lwt the lt. GG know how we all feel and hopefully pressure him not to give Assent tothis bill when it comes to him.

Anonymous said...

It is clear our smug politicians won't do it so our only other option is a citizen's initiative. This can be done and we should have one ready for the ballot by the next election. Here are the thresholds you need to overcome to put forth an effective citizen's initiative from elections BC:

"The initiative petition process is governed by the Recall and Initiative Act. To start an initiative petition you must submit an application to the Chief Electoral Officer. The application includes a copy of your draft Bill and a $50 fee. If your application is approved, you have 90 days to collect the signatures of 10% of the registered voters in each electoral district. You may be helped by volunteers when canvassing for signatures.

When you return the petition at the end of the 90-day period, Elections BC reviews the petition to ensure that enough signatures of registered voters have been collected. This process must be completed within 42 days.

If the review confirms that you have collected enough valid signatures, a copy of the petition and draft Bill is forwarded to the Select Standing Committee on Legislative Initiatives. The Select Standing Committee must either recommend that the Bill be introduced in the Legislative Assembly or put to a province-wide initiative vote. If it is put to an initiative vote and the vote is successful, the government must introduce your Bill at the earliest possible time."

Otis Krayola said...

One assumes that those bothering to post here (or elsewhere) do so in the hope that readers will consider what they have to say. But it would help if we didn't have to decypher.

Anon 9:08 above needs to figure out the difference between
their and

CanadianLatitude wants us all to 'lwt the lt.'


And, while we're at it, who is GG?

MikeDW said...

Thanks for the clarification, Angela. I wasn't aware that there were fixed dates for the referendums that follow from an initiative - that basically nullifies any benefit the initiative route might have in this instance.

However, I don't think that getting the initial signatures would be too onerous. If people are mad enough ...

Remember Paul Reitsma. Although not technically recalled, the apparently successful signature gathering exercise (I believe) convinced him to resign. Similarly, an apparently successful signature gathering for an initiative would certainly get the attention of the government. And that exercise could start now instead of in 18 months.

Anonymous said...

To Otis

I think they meant to say....

Let the Leitenent Govenor General know

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:51 commenting on Anon 1:08 -
"Premier and Dix should be recalled, why Dix?"

I think probably all Liberals should be recalled over this HST fiasco but not Dix. He should be recalled for other reasons I won't go into here. I've thought that for a while. Then earlier this week I started thinking about others that should be recalled. Definitely Mike Farnsworth. And Ralston. Heck, even Carole James in the opinion of a lot of NDP people. Actually can anybody give reason why any of the 84 should NOT be recalled? Vicki Huntington deserves to say if for no other reason than she told both Liberal and NDP to stick it.

Otis Krayola said...

Anon 1:16 PM

Oh. I'm an immigrant, but even I know that we have (in Ottawa) a Governor General.

And, in British Columbia, we have a Lieutenant Governor.

Democracy is wasted on those too ignorant to understand its structures. Anybody think that the Queen's proxy will intervene in a political dispute against Her Majesty's government?

Me neither.

DPL said...

Christy Clark calls Campbell 'sneaky' on HST
Last Updated: Thursday, August 13, 2009 | 8:03 PM PT CBC News
Former B.C. deputy premier Christy Clark contends the Campbell government hid HST plans. (Craig Hodge/Canadian Press)A former provincial deputy premier has sharply criticized B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell over his plans for introducing a harmonized sales tax.

Christy Clark told CBC News on Thursday that she thought it was "sneaky" of the Campbell government to announce the HST after the May provincial election.

Clark said it seems impossible the tax wasn't contemplated before the spring ballot.

"I just don't think it's possible that that could be the case," said Clark, who was appointed deputy premier by Campbell in 2001. She quit provincial politics in 2005.

B.C. Finance Minister Colin Hansen has said the HST was not on the Liberals' radar until after the election.

Clark said business groups and senior financial officials had recommended a harmonized sales tax for years but the Campbell government said nothing until July.

"It was quite clear the government was going to be faced with this decision in March when Ontario adopted it, and they never thought to mention it to the voting public. I mean, it's just sneaky all around and I don't think that sits well with people," Clark said.

Clark said she thinks the Campbell government really believes the new tax is good public policy but they didn't adopt it until the federal government came up with money to ease the transition.

"The combination of their sense of justice about it and the big bribe from the federal government, I believe that's what persuaded them to do it," Clark said.

B.C. would receive $1.6 billion from the federal government under a formula that provides transition funds to provinces that agree to move to a harmonized tax.

Clark said there are legitimate arguments for the HST, but the government hasn't been doing a good job of making them.

"I think it could come at a very high political cost for them," Clark said.

Brian Skakun said...

Thanks for tackling the HST. I am a City Councillor in Prince George and have started my own petition at http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/citycouncillor that I hope you can sign as well!

Brian Skakun
City Councillor
City of Prince George
250 961 6585

Anonymous said...

BBC News reports...

Britain has imposed direct rule on the Turks and Caicos Islands after an inquiry found evidence of government corruption and incompetence. BBC News

Might it be that we don't have to wait for recall? The Queen is our head of state too.

Anonymous said...

Your buddy Norman Spector raised the possibility of NDP complicity or incompetence on the HST file during last night's Voice of BC program.

He said - and I'm paraphrasing - Obviously, Ottawa and Victoria were talking about HST before the provincial election, and the NDP either didn't know, didn't care, or were incompetent for campaigning on *other* issues.

Care to comment?

Bill Tieleman said...

Norman Spector said much the same on CKNW at 10 a.m. Monday August 10 with myself and Michael Smyth - and attacked the media even more - for not digging into the HST.

Mike and I strongly disagreed - as I do on the idea that the NDP "missed" the HST issue.

The government told two friendly business organizations - the New Homebuilders and the Restaurant Association - that it had "no plans" to introduce an HST.

Former BC Finance Minister Carole Taylor and Revenue Minister Rick Thorpe both expressly rejected the HST before the May 2009 election.

How anyone can suggest the NDP and media "missed" plans to introduce an HST is beyond me.

And both Campbell and Hansen have denied it - FOIs will no doubt help tell if that's true but even if it isn't, clearly there was no hint externally and denials to their close supporters.

North Van's Grumps said...

"Coquihalla PPP Cancelled"

"On July 23rd, Gordon Campell announced that while there was a strong business case for the proposal to lease the Coquihalla to the private sector, evident in the 28 expressions of interest received from the private sector, the publics response to the impendening sale of the Coquihalla highway was overwhelmingly negative.

“We had a good business plan that made a poor public case,” Campbell said. “It’s time to put that plan behind us and move on – and that’s what we’re going to do.”

Mr. Campbell, you're making another poor public case and once again its time to put the HST plan behind the BC Liberals and move on.

The only reason YOU want the HST in place is to prove to yourself that you can stay within your Spring Fudget Budget promise of just under $500 million no matter what he consequences that befall middle and low income earners.

Anonymous said...

Norm spector 10 am mnday,Bill I listened to what he said and what I heard was more along the lines of the media in general has missed the boat on not only the hst but all the down playing of all the issues regarding this scandal ridden,government,doug walls,john les,collins,coleman,clark,ried,campbell ,plant,and a whole lot more!

Anonymous said...

anybody know how to get the gordallions that are being handed out?

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with a recall campaign. But who to get to lead it??

We need someone who is ideologically driven, tenacious, hates paying taxes and who can target multiple targets.

There is only one person for the job. The driving force behind Total Recall ------------- Kevin Falcon!

Anonymous said...

Isn't he on his honeymoon?Poor girl eh!she has him to look at,how long will she be able to stand it,is anybodies guess?Let's start a how long can she stand to look at falcon pool!!!

Lotar Maurer said...

Mr Tieleman, you are being disingenuous when you state

" . . . anything currently taxed with the five per cent GST will get an extra 7 per cent tax added on in July 2010 for a total 12 per cent HST."

It is as unprofessional of you to use half-truths and scaremongering tactics to further your agenda as you argue it was of the government to announce the HST without consultation.

The true facts are:

1) The vast majority of goods and services that are currently subject to a 5% tax (GST) are ALSO currently subject to an additional 7% (PST) tax -- for these goods and services, there will be zero increase in tax.

2) A small number of goods and services that are currently subject to a 5% tax (GST) are ALSO currently subject to an additional 8% or higher (PST) tax -- for these goods and services, there will be a reduction in tax.

3) A small number of goods and/or services are currently subject to only a 5% (GST) tax, and will now become subject to an increased 12% (HST) tax.

4) For a significant number of the goods and services in this category, there are already announced exemptions, rebates, and tax reductions for every consumer, as well as tax credits for "poor" consumers with incomes below certain thresholds.

Yes, there will be tax increases (increases in cost to the consumer) on some goods and services, but not nearly as pervasively and to the extent that you are trying to scare people with.

I encourage all people to research and determine for themselves impartially the issue and impact of the HST instead of relying on the spin-doctoring of either the government or of Mr Tieleman and other naysayers.

Anonymous said...

why recall when our electoral boundaries are currently unconstitutional. see third paragraph:


BC's 2009 election was conducted on the basis of boundaries that would not withstand a court challenge.

Don't take my word for it, ask the BC Civil Liberties Association. Scroll down to second article:


now that's a hot potato!

Anonymous said...

Add Shirley Bond to the recall for Prince George, Mount Robson. She was far more vulnerable than Pat Bell

Anonymous said...

I don't mind HST as long as it only apples to goods or services that have already had 12% tax on them and no HST on the rest (then it may not be called HST anymore) or tax on everything on the taxable list but lower the tax rate so that our consumers will end up paying the same amount of tax.

Anonymous said...

I am game for a recall big time. It would be great if one could be implemented.

Anonymous said...

What a lot of citizens are going to do is go underground. Next spring, we are going to start up, hopefully, all I will purchase at a supermarket is, flour, salt, pepper, sugar and coffee. There will also be a barter system set up. Become as self sufficient as you can be. There are going to be, as, I understand, winter greenhouses set up. So that means as well as summer vegies and such at a market gardens, there will be winter market gardens. Some people in a block, are getting together, to rent garden space from farmers, and grow their own vegetables. Buy your eggs, and chicken meat, from a farm. It will surprise you how much you can save. I saw in a store, two scrawny chickens in a package, for $26.89, absolutely an outrage. I would far rather raise my own chickens, my own vegetables, which is much safer than buying vegetables, with food poisoning.

Unknown said...

I would like to rally against the HST the same week it is introduced into parlament. That is pretty soon. This week in fact. Please organize something its time to hit the streets. Use the facebook group a small portion of the 100,000 plus members would send a message. More would be awesome but we have to take action now and sustain said action until heard.

Anonymous said...

Yeh? Well good luck in getting that recall to happen. I'm supportive of the BC Liberal MLA in my riding (not the party), but let's fact facts. These recall campaigns have never worked in BC (only one instance where one came close).

Takes a huge amount of effort and organisation to do it right.

There was a recall campaign against Gordon Campbell, but the local BC Liberal there tailed the recall petition gatherers, and you'll see the same thing happen again if the local ridings see something of an uprising with this recall. That is assuming that the ridings have anything worth motivating (many BC Liberal ridings are not all that active thanks to the depth of control by their headquarters).

and having a disgraced 70 year old former Premier lead this thing? Good luck with that.

Sure there will be fist waving and the scowls while the petitions are filled out, but face facts.

Many blew the chance. The NDP did not get a huge amount of support because too many were lazy and didn't vote.

This recall will mean column inches in the local papers, and a few TV interviews, but not much more.

Bill, you're far more interesting when you're covering the Birk-Vasi trial.

Me? I'll watch but not participate
in this recall effort.

Have better things to do.

Bill Tieleman said...

There's only one disgraced premier in this province - the current occupant of the job, Gordon Campbell.

You can do what you want - or do nothing - but I want to take action on the HST that will be so devastating to our BC economy.

And what www.FightHST.com is doing is a province wide Initiative to try and stop the HST.

Recall may well happen in the fall if this fails and the HST is introduced without giving taxpayers any say.

Anonymous said...

Gordon Campbell is a poor leader but not a disgraced Premier. C'mon Bill you know better than that. VanderZalm was disgraced.

But the HST will go ahead (don't like it myself), but face the facts.

The NDP was handed an open shot
during the election in regards to the HST, but didn't stickhandle it.

The NDP could have easily been elected as government, there was an abysmally low voter turnout, but the NDP didn't put any motivation into the voter whatsoever.

and why a 50% cut off on "potential
MLAS who could be recalled"?? You have to think of the voter turnout
in some of those ridings (a 45% share in a riding with a 27% turnout is different than a 50% share in a riding with a 35% turnout).

Wouldn't waste the effort or money on trying to recall Campbell. That isn't going to happen.

The recall campaign will mean publicity, but as someone mentioned that Liberal MLA that somehow managed to get recalled can run again in the by-election, thereby costing the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

A better idea would be for the NDP to get its collective act together dump James and get a more pragmatic leader in place a year or so before the next election.

The only thing this recall campaign idea will do is just generate publicity and give another stage for the perpetual whiners and complainers to act on once the Olympics are over.

Online petitions, no-HST Facebook
groups mean when it comes down to the basics in regards to recalling an MLA.

But it will be interesting to follow this and see really if this action of yours actually turns into something tangible against the BC Liberals.

My guess is that it won't.

Stick with the better one Bill, the Birk-Vasi trial. You're a star
in that one in my mind.

Anonymous said...

This is the problem, what can people really do?we work everyday dont have time to fight the effort, we just sign petition and hope for the best.

Its obvise nobody wants or can afford to pay for poor goverment managment,they know people cant do enough or anything to stop them.

We need to have a voice and have a vote on every bill that goes through the house of commons, we are the goverment of this province but we have no voice we are mute and handcuffed..


Anonymous said...

I would welcome the opportunity to collect signatures regarding Bill Barrisoff

how do I contact the people responcible ?

dennis baker