Monday, November 05, 2007

Polling on Carole Taylor, Gregor Robertson for Vancouver Mayor underway - Allan De Genova, Park Board Commissioner admits involvement

Who would be a good mayor? Polling firm probes public on Sullivan's performance


Vancouver residents are being asked by pollsters, "who would make the best mayor of the city" - with two of the possible candidates being B.C. Liberal Finance Minister Carole Taylor and Vancouver-Fairview NDP MLA Gregor Robertson.

Independent Park Board Commissioner Allan De Genova admits he is connected to the NRG Research Group polling.

"I'm in a bit of a difficult position because I'm somewhat involved in helping bring forward a new candidate but in the near future I'll give you a comment," De Genova said yesterday. "Stay tuned - there is going to be a name where citizens will breathe a sigh of relief."

The third choice on the poll is Sam Sullivan, the incumbent Non-Partisan Association mayor.
De Genova, who left the NPA after a dispute with Sullivan, fired both barrels at the mayor.

"Sam Sullivan - we can only go up from there," De Genova said.

A 24 hours reader said she was called by NRG Research Friday night and asked her views on Sullivan's performance, how he handled the recent civic workers' strike and her opinion on the 2010 Winter Olympics.

But the key question was preference for mayor: Sam Sullivan for the NPA, Gregor Robertson for Vision Vancouver or Carole Taylor running as an independent.


De Genova continued his attack on Sullivan, accusing the mayor of building up a private $400,000 war chest outside the NPA.

"He's running scared - he has to build a war chest of his own. It's a very sad state," De Genova said.

And De Genova said Sullivan is already campaigning for re-election.

"This is the first time in five elections I've seen a mayor run a campaign now instead of two to three months before the election," De Genova said. "He should be putting in a better effort running the city instead of running a campaign."

So that has encouraged De Genova to find a candidate who can defeat Sullivan.

"I'm just working very hard to find the right candidate," he said.

The NRG Research Group poll also asks respondents how they voted in the last provincial election and includes demographic questions such as income level.

NRG Research Group has not yet responded to an email inquiry about the poll but has previously stated it does not comment on clients' polling.


Budd Campbell said...

As far as I am concerned, unless this poll asked about the issue of amalgamation of the GVRD, it's basically a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

Can I arrange to be polled? Please. I want Sam, I want Sam - he's the best thing that ever happened for reasonable lefties in decades.

Anonymous said...

If anyone enacts free parking for scooters and motorbikes in Vancouver, then they have my vote. Come on goverment, lets see free parking like Toronto, New York, and London.

Is this city Green or Gray with smog?


kootcoot said...


I wonder if Sammy, on the off chance he actually gets to run for mayor again, is already searching for potential candidates with eerily similar names to his potential opposition, if you know what I mean.

All that uncounted and unaccountable money that seems to flow into NPA coffers could be handy for funding "stalking horse" confusion causing candidates.

Unfortunately, who is mayor of Vancouver effects everyone in British Columbia, though very few get a vote in the election.

Anonymous said...

Consider that a vast number of us is going to spend our "free$100.00" on heavily taxed items such as gas and beer, why don't we pool our money and do somthing for US, somthing usefull like homlessness or medicare, I have e-mailed Victoria...we'll see,
AL Walker,BC