Friday, November 02, 2007

Ontario Law Society hearing November 5 on Erik Bornmann only to set date for "good character" hearing, Society now says

A correction on an earlier story here and in 24 hours on key Basi-Virk trial Crown witness Erik Bornmann's efforts to become an Ontario lawyer.

Helen Stone, acting communications director for the Law Society of Upper Canada informed me today that the "good character" hearing previously reported by LSUC to be taking place on Monday November 5 in Toronto is actually a "set date application" to establish a future date for a hearing, not the hearing itself.

When that date is set it will be reported here.


Anonymous said...


I wonder if the Federal Liberals are preparing for Erik Bornmann's testimony as much as they are getting prepared for any fall out of the Blair Wilson affair.

I would love to hear what Campaign Director Mike Witherly has to say. I remember you reporting on his connections to Erik that he wasn't too keen on discussing.

Waiting for more details as always....

Anonymous said...

Too bad the hearing is going to go ahead as scheduled. The brain trust in the federal liberal party in bc must be shaking their heads. Bornmann was one of "them". Now we find out he said some pretty nasty things about bruce clark. My question, and the question on everybody's mind, what else did he say about his friends in the federal liberal party? I suppose the person who invited him to the official state luncheons hosted by pm martin is a little bit nervous right now.

Please keep us posted Bill, the upcoming federal election will be very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bill
Thanks for taking the time to folow up on some of the threads connected to the Ledg Raid.
I cannot believe the Law society would accept the guy> Heck what's in it for them but a black eye should they accept this fellow. Tnaks for keeping us posted. dl

G West said...

So, Bill, what's the date of the hearing?...I couldn't find anything pertinent at the LSUC site this morning..

Anonymous said...

I understand that the hearing has been scheduled for March 24, 2008. Erik Bornmann is still under the category of "articled student" until the Disciplinary Hearing is conducted. I find this strange as he was ousted from McCarthy Tetrault and then was allowed to write the New York bar exam.

Perhaps he is in New York engaging in pro bono legal services in an attempt to highlight his "good character".

I wonder what Mr. Finlay's next steps will be in light of his comment that his clients legal career cannot be held in abeyance, as was stated in Nov 2006. It will be 15 months in March 2008.

Empty words and still no determination of Eriks "good character".