Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Erik Bornmann - His lawyer's request to adjourn hearing into admissibility to Law Society of Upper Canada

(Re: Adjournment)

TIELEMAN NOTE: This is the submission made November 21, 2006 to the Law Society of Upper Canada by Bryan Finlay, Erik Bornmann's lawyer, requesting an adjournment of his admissibility hearing to the Ontario bar.

The disciplinary hearing panel, called as a result of a complaint against Bornmann's "good character", agreed to delay the hearing until July 3, 2007. See my earlier posts on this hearing for background.

November 21, 2006


The Law Society has requested an adjournment of this Hearing until the conclusion of the criminal trial in British Columbia.

Erik Bornmann has asked throughout that this Hearing proceed without delay because until the issue of his good character is determined, his professional life is on hold. It is important to note that this Hearing is the result of Mr. Bornmann reporting himself to the Law Society.

As a result of the criminal proceedings in BC and Court orders which were made there and which were a direct result of motions brought by both the Crown and defence in British Columbia, the hearing here must be held in camera if it is to proceed now.

Our motion for the Hearing to be held in camera was necessitated by those Court orders. This has nothing to do with to Erik Bornmann's views or interests, rather he would prefer that this Hearing proceed in public.

Erik Bornmann has given much thought to not only his position, but also to the public interest in this Hearing as to his good character. If at all possible, it should be conducted in public.

As a result, Erik Bornmann agrees that this Hearing be adjourned to allow for the criminal proceedings to proceed first in BC, so that this Hearing can be carried out in public. This will also enable the Panel to have full and complete access to his evidence at that trial as well as to all the other witnesses in the criminal proceeding.

While this will result in Mr. Bornmann's professional life being held in abeyance for a time, he believes this to be the right and proper course of action on his part at this time.

The criminal proceedings were commenced by an indictment dated January 28, 2005. We are prepared to consent to an adjournment to permit the criminal trial to take place, which is now scheduled to commence January 2007. Erik is to be called as a witness in the spring.

Consequently we would ask that this hearing be adjourned to July 2007 to set a date. It may be that if the criminal trial is further delayed, there will be a need to proceed with this Hearing without further delay.

Erik's professional life cannot be held in abeyance for years.


Anonymous said...


Very interesting statement. I am intrigued by the sentence that makes reference to other "witnesses". Hmmmm could this possibly be the dynamic duo of Brian and Jamie? What will the President of the Liberal Party of Canada BC say about this?

Anonymous said...


I find this whole matter increasingly bizarre. Eric Bornman is alleged by police to have bribed government officials and goes off to law school.

Jamie Elmhirst, whom he worked with is, still the President of the BC wing of the Liberal Party of Canada; meanwhile David Basi, Bob Virk and Aneal Basi have had their reputations destroyed and their professional lives put on hold now for three full years.

Now Eric Bornman aka Spiderman has the temerity to complain via his lawyer about his career as a lawyer potentially being put on hold?

The sheer mendacity of this individual sends chills down my spine.

Bill Tieleman said...

I want to caution any potential posters on this item to remember that this matter is before the courts and any untoward comments will be rejected or removed.

Please comment but be respectful of the judicial process.

Anonymous said...

NOTE: This comment has been edited.

This guy is a cartoon!

All this proves is how big a joke this entire thing has become ....

I would like somebody anybody to tell me how these cartoons (erik and co.) keep getting away with this stuff!!

- jr

Bill why isn't anybody putting the light on Elmhirst?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately for Erik he is now reaping what he has sown over the years. But, I would not underestimate Erik's ability to get out of this situation as he is calculating and charismatic. His Sith Master Darth Marissen taught him well.

I knew Erik Bornmann as a Young Liberal. I also considered him a friend.

If you do not post this Bill obviously you do not know Erik like we do.

Fair Dinkum!