Thursday, November 05, 2009

Gordon Campbell promoted to Prime Minister of Canada by Sports Illustrated!

Sit down before you read this next line - "Canadian Prime Minister Gordon Campbell"!

Which one is Prime Minister of Canada?

Apparently the good folks who write and edit Sports Illustrated magazine have a less than full grasp of Canadian politics - or a wicked sense of humour.

In a short article about the unfortunate death of Vancouver Olympics chair Jack Poole, the American magazine inadvertently promoted BC Premier Gordon Campbell to the post of prime minister of Canada!

While Campbell may be secretly pleased, it doesn't say much about the international presence of our current prime minister, good old what's-his-name, oh yeah, Stephen Harper.

I suggested on air to Simi Sara of AM Talk 1410 radio on Wednesday that she write a letter to the editor of Sports Illustrated along these lines:

"Dear Sports Illustrated:

I was very disappointed your magazine doesn't know the correct name of our Canadian prime minister.

Every school child knows our prime minister is Ross Rebagliati, who was elected shortly after winning the first-ever Olympic gold medal in snowboarding in 1998.

Shortly after his election, marijuana was legalized."

Here is the original Sports Illustrated article:

* * * * *


At age 76, of pancreatic cancer, Jack Poole, the Canadian businessman who spearheaded the successful campaign to bring the 2010 Olympic Games to Vancouver.

A real estate developer whose first job was selling brushes and hand cream door-to-door, Poole was picked by Canadian prime minister Gordon Campbell to be CEO of the Vancouver Bid Corp. in 2001.

Two years later Canada was awarded its first Winter Games since 1988, when Calgary was the host. Poole had been receiving treatment for pancreatic cancer since 2007. He died last Friday, hours after the ceremonial lighting in Athens of the flame that will be used to open the 2010 Games.



Laila said...

This is just disturbing on so many levels...

Unknown said...

Someone didn't do their homework... Shameful.

Anonymous said...

Prime Minister Gordon Campbell has a nice ring to it matching his hair.

Perhaps Premier Mary Polak is also a great idea.

Perhaps Bill Tieleman can be Official Opposition Leader in Ottawa & Adrian Dix can be Official Oppos Leader in Victoria.


FYInescu said...

This was worth a laugh but not serious comment. The fact checker for the article will get reprimanded at some point and life will go on. Get over it people, it's not like Canadian politics is important to SI. Remember it's not even important to a large percentage of our population.

Anonymous said...

Wish Simi well.
Apparently, her show has been cancelled.

Anonymous said...

One of these things is not like the other, but two of these things are kind of the same.

brad said...

Should forward that (and the suggested response re ross r.) to Rick Mercer. He's due for another "talking to americans" special, I think.

Anonymous said...

It should have said Dictator Gordon Campbell

Anonymous said...

Good god, in his wildest dreams.

Anonymous said...

Who cares? SI is read by a bunch of hot headed goons anyway...

sports magazines are stupid said...

Great sports writers are few and far between, and none of them write for, or work for SI.

As the great Yogi Berra said "Baseball is 90 percent mental--the other half is physical."

Or as New Orleans Saint RB George Rogers remarked, when asked about the upcoming season: "I want to rush for 1,000 or 1,500 yards, whichever comes first."

Anonymous said...

Looks like they built that with their own greasy little hands.

Kam Lee said...

Great picture! Harpo is saying," Let our corporation buddies toll it". Gordo saying, "Perfect place for a bar"