Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bill Tieleman on Shaw Cable Voice of BC Thursday 8 p.m. with host Vaughn Palmer & Robin Adair

Bill Tieleman
I am pleased to appear tonight - Thursday March 24 - at 8 p.m. on Shaw Cable's Voice Of BC show with host Vaughn Palmer - the Vancouver Sun's political columnist and fellow guest Robin Adair, a BC Liberal candidate in the 2009 election.

Do tune in!  And if you miss the show, VOBC is now available online on VIMEO.

Thanks to CBC News Network's Connect with Mark Kelley for having me on Wednesday at 5 p.m. BC time to talk about the likely federal election call.




Anonymous said...

Bill Tieleman appears on MSM.

Many bloggers despise the MSM.

Hypocrisy is overflowing.

Anonymous said...

Two Questions for Harper

When will Harper ask Mulroney for our $2 million back?

When will Harper give BC an answer on the billion dollar BC Rail tax deferral question?

DPL said...

Voice of BC is always worth watching. If I recall Robin Adair beat out Gordy Dodd for Liberal candidate last time around. Gordy is a good salesman and feeds a lot of people at spots like Our Place. The Libs picked the wrong guy. Gordy's commercials are always hilarious

Ron1 said...

Lana Popham beat Robin in Saanich South - David Cubberley's old riding.

One hilarious foot-in-mouth moment by Robin was when he told CFAX listeners that he had had an "audience" with Gordon Campbell!

I took the opportunity to phone in and ask if Robin had kissed Gordon's ..... ring.

Norm Farrell said...

@ Anonymous

Bloggers despise bad journalism in the MSM. Quite a difference.

Anonymous said...

Ethan Baron, over at The Province, burns Christy Clark for her selection of the racist Gwyn Morgan as her transition adviser.

Racist ?

In 2006, Opposition MPs on a Commons committee found Morgan “unsuitable” to serve as voluntary chief of a new patronage-watchdog office, because of comments he’d made about immigrants and multiculturalism.

The previous year, in a speech at B.C.’s Fraser Institute, Morgan had blamed immigration for violence in Toronto and Calgary. In a subsequent speech in Toronto, Morgan suggested multiculturalism was the cause of rioting in France and Australia, and warned Canadians to beware multiculturalism doesn’t become a divisive value.

Yes. Racist !

Outsourced said...

Sorry, but the videos on as far as I can tell at VOBC is now available online on VIMEO are 7 days old or more. There is nothing about the "show" you were on this PM. Looking forward to seeing it when they finally get it online. I don't subscribe to Shaw like many readers so I have to wait for the online version.

Anonymous said...

The March 24, 2011 'Voice of BC' is now up --

DPL said...

Watching Adair trumpeting Perk Chrisy was fun. The guy doesn't appear to be any brighter that he was when fighting to be a Liberal candidate a few years ago. Looks like he wants a meal ticket job.
Bill was nice even when asked about the only MLA who had backed Clark.