Thursday, June 06, 2013

Bill Tieleman, Martyn Brown and Keith Baldrey analyze BC NDP election loss and more - TONIGHT 7 p.m. on Voice Of BC!

Bill Tieleman, Martyn Brown and Keith Baldrey - Tonight on Voice Of BC
Martyn Brown & Bill Tieleman - head to head
Don't miss tonight's edition - Thursday June 6 - of Voice Of BC at 7 p.m. on Shaw Cable - because I am a guest along with Martyn Brown, former Chief of Staff to ex-BC Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell, and guest host Keith Baldrey of Global BC's Victoria bureau.

I even know what happens - because we pre-taped the show on Tuesday evening - and so without giving away any secrets I can say that there are some very frank views on the BC NDP election campaign, the future of NDP leader Adrian Dix, self-criticism from pundits and criticism of pollster and much more.

We also look ahead at the summer session of the BC Legislature to pass the budget, the future of the Enbridge and Kinder Morgan pipeline proposals and LNG.

I really enjoyed doing the show - hope you can tune in!  On Channel 4 in Metro Vancouver if you get Shaw Cable.  The show also rebroadcasts on the weekend - will post that later.

And don't despair if you are not on Shaw - search online for VOBC on Vimeo or for the VOBC channel on YouTube - not sure how quickly the show is posted but within a day.



DPL said...

Could be interesting.And thanks for the point of being somewhere else besides Shaw. We have Telus and the voice of BC isn't in their listings.

Anonymous said...

No one is interested in yesterday's pundits.
Might as well listen to Gordon Wilson's divine wisdom.

chuckstraight said...

Kind of agree with Anonymous- getting pretty hard to see the same old faces explain what went wrong.
Going to a gunfight with a knife is not a good idea.
The NDP ( I am a member) needs a good old housecleaning.
Time for some new fresh faces in charge.

Anonymous said...

What a hypocritical thing this is.

Many on this blog hate MSM including Shaw and Baldrey and yet there's this have to tune in "see mee" on Voice of BC hosted by everyone's hated political columnist.

Same thing happened with another previous "see mee" that one was on election night on that other hated MSM CTV 9.

Martyn Brown is old news.

The NDP's defeat is pretty much a given.

But I suppose vanity crosses the line of hypocrisy in some people's minds.

Anonymous said...

I am sure you will do a good job of not taking any personal responsibility for your defeat, Bill. It's always somebody else's fault the NDP has lost four straight times.

Chuck there are too many people, like Billy and Geoffie, on the Glen Clark Gravy Train. They ain't going anywhere.

Not anon DPL said...

I never saw Tieleman on the election team, Anon. Part of the reason the NDP Lost was Christy lying through her teeth. My gosh, even the Globe and Mail commented on her lying, and talking about something 15 or so years in the future. Dix took the high road as did James before. The BC Liberals( Your heroes) spread BS in attack adds and enough people bought it to get the Libs back in. It won't be long till those same people start complaining about cuts in services, job losses etc.The Voice of BC with Tieleman and Brown was worth watching.
I noticed on TV last evening, the PAB lady with the microphone having the look of someone relieved she retained her job) recoding every word being spoken by her boss. I guess the PAB can't trust her , or allow her to stay on message. Once open Christy's moth might say anything

Worker said...

For sure, DPL, the NDP's loss is all somebody else's fault. It's always been that way.

Yet they keep losing.

Anonymous said...

For the by-election this is how the NDP should soften up the riding. Attack ads work. Ad one: Christy Clark rejected by the people of point Grey. 15 second spot twice in a commercial span.
Ad two: Depiction of liberals shoveling money to their friends in business suits while under the grates the poor, sick and aged catch the little overflow. Just before the news and just before any major programming.
Ad three: Show schools closing and children being bussed out of their neighborhoods. In the middle of news broadcast .
Ad four: Hospitals and courthouses shuttered in small towns. Show anytime .
Ad five: Show crowded and dirty hospitals. Shows that the elderly and children watch .

Anonymous said...

Bill was probably working behind the lines somewhere. He always does (and does not admit it). Even him being on that gawdawful MSM that everyone here hates is sending a sub-message to vote NDP because many NDPers know who he is.

as far as this by-election goes, get up there and actually help. Whining to a blog isn't going to help anything as we've seen. Too many sitting on their behinds figuring writing to a blog is going to change government. It doesn't.

So get out there and help the NDP.

Otherwise Christy is back and if there's someone to look for to blame, look in the mirror after reading this blog.

Worker said...

The NDP has about as much chance of winning in West Kelowna as I have seeing a 1000 m long Zepplin fly by my house...Really, Dippers need a dose of reality.

Anonymous said...

Think alot of the whiners here need a big dose of reality.

Had a real chance to change government and missed it big time.

So what happens. For years of constant complaining and whining and just a touch on the wrist "bad party, bad party, bad.. bad" type critical comment directed to the NDP from Bill here.

Anonymous said...

as do many here.