Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Federal government moves to dismantle the Kitsilano Coast Guard Station!

Truck carrying ramp connecting Kitsilano Coast Guard Station to docks is removed Thursday,
leaving like "thieves in the night" said UCTE VP Dave Clark.
UPDATE - The provincial government has clarified that it in fact owns the land the Kitsilano Coast Guard Station is located on but has granted the federal government a long term lease for search and rescue purposes.  

The federal government will return the land to the province but as of today has begun dismantling the Station!

Keep a close eye on the Facebook page Save the Kitsilano Coast Guard Base for more developments


As many readers will know, I have been fighting to keep the essential Kitsilano Coast Guard Station open since the federal Conservative government announced its plan to close the only base in Canada's busiest port.

It's been a privilege to represent my clients in this matter - as anyone who reads a news release will know - who include the Union of Canadian Transportation Employees and the Public Service Alliance of Canada.  They jointly represent the crew of the Kitsilano Station.

Media have reported on the issue of who owns the land the Station is located on - and whether it is federal or provincial property.

The answers have been confusing - the provincial government has told some media outlets that it owns the land - but the federal government has been less than forthcoming.
Occupation of Kitsilano Coast Guard Station - September 2012

I would point out this fascinating website page from the federal government's Treasury Board Secretariat, which seems to indicate the land is the property of Canada, not BC.

I have sent an inquiry to the DFO contact listed below but have not received an answer to date.

Kitsilano CCG SAR Station

Property Number:
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Official Contact:
Mandy Irving - 613.993.3155
Crown Owned
No Restriction
Primary Use:
Education and Training
1661 Whyte Avenue
Place Name:
no data
British Columbia
Federal Electoral District:
Vancouver Centre
Land Area: 0.7100 ha
Buildings: 1
Floor Area: 340 sq. m.
Map : Kitsilano CCG SAR Station
49.276252, -123.138445
Accurate within ± 50m
Record Created: 1994.02.21
Portfolio Certified: 2012.01.26


Anonymous said...

Has anybody checked the property records to see who the registered owner is?

Land Title and Survey Authority of BC LTSA.ca

Dave Thompson said...

Bill your efforts to save the base have been fantastic. Now lets move on to getting rid of Harper and his gang.

DPL said...

Maybe the confusion is, who owns the water leases as parts of False Creek water rights is federal. We lived aboard at Spruce Harbour Marina and the subject came up now and again. Usually when people simply anchored without authority, in the area making large boat movement a bit tricky, as was using the creek as a sewer. Our water lease was with the province and we paid a fee for parking plus connected to the city water and sewer system. So with overlapping jurisdiction it might take some work finding out. Bill is heading in the right direction in his search

Anonymous said...

What excactly has been the successful "effort to save the base" that makes it "fantastic"?

That has only accomplished PR events for Bill's clients.

It has not resulted in the base being kept open with usual service levels.

Anonymous said...

Bill should pay out for a title search. What is shown is land that the feds are using, not ownership.

It can very well be on a longterm lease basis with the provincial government having absolute title. There's water lease, but that extends to the high water mark.

Already been stated the land where the building is sits on provincial land, not federal.

But that in itself resolves the issue of land ownership. Retainment of Kitsilano CCG Station is another issue that has yet to be fixed and won't be no matter how many staged PR events Bill arranges.

Anonymous said...

This is typical of Harper and the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals underhanded tactics. Same as Campbell twice cheating to win his elections too. The BCR wasn't for sale. The HST wasn't on his radar either. They are still stealing that money from us. Not everyone has signed over to the GST. More dirty tactics.

300 BC miners applied for 200 BC mining jobs, that were given to Communist China. Harper will then send his E.I. Police, to come banging on our doors, to take E.I. away from the people too.

The Kits Rescue Base has been thieved and sold, just as the BCR was. We all know how the Judicial systems work in this country and, especially in BC.

Canada has become a, cesspool of corruption. There are no, morals, ethics, decency nor Democracy left with, Harper nor the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals. Harper was Policy Chief for his, Northern Foundation Party of 1989. That should tell us something?

Anonymous said...

So if the Province owns it, then Christys tears are crocodile tears.
Fire all the Liberals.

Bill Tieleman said...

Nice to see a few trolls showing up here - welcome aboard! Try harder!

Anonymous said...

Well it's up to the federal government Bill, you know that.

Complete a title search via a Government Agent and that will give you the exact ownership of title.

However determining title of the land doesn't mean a return to the Kits CCG Base.

Im not in favour of its closing either but staging media events at this time isn't going to turn it around. The decision has been made unfortunately.

Try harder.

Anonymous said...

So "staging media events" by private individuals is useless, but spending tens of millions of dollars of taxpayers money for "staging media events" by the Lieberals is ok?
Pathetic PAB.

Not anon DPL said...

Right on Anon 11:35. If the general public are not aware of things their beloved( or hated )governments do ,it would be simply that we the taxpayers are giving upper.

Anonymous said...

Never said spending millions of dollars of taxpayer money for "staging media events" is OK.

The NDP will do it. Where exactly do you think the money will come from when the NDP Government makes announcements to the media, and for "informative ads" tooting what they are doing and intend to do?

You honestly think the NDP will not try to get their message out to the citizens? Get real.

Thing is hopefully they'll have their live video feeds working by that time since we'll be payin' for it, even if it works or not.

and the PAB will exist with the NDP, but not as big.

Products paid for by you and me.

Coming to a local MSM Newspaper radio and TV station near you.

DPL said...

It seems that the BC Liberals had to apologize in the house today for being rather devious in trying to get the ethnic voters onside.It was public opinion that forced them to change

Anonymous said...

Absolutely stupid on their part.

Let that be a lesson to the NDP.

Absolutely no and I mean NO partisan work on government time. None.

Be careful who gets those political goodies. Keep them out of the Public Service and out of Crown Corporations!

Anonymous said...

Coming to a local MSM Newspaper radio and TV station near you.
May 15,2013:
Christy Clark loses her own seat in Vancouver-Liberals wiped out due to scandal after scandal.

Anonymous said...

Hopeless Harper Canada's CEO of the corrupt conservative company,is getting rid of the Kitsilano Coast Guard station You will no longer wonder why when you see who the new owners are

savecfbrockcliffe's blog said...

The Canada Lands Company will "buy" the Kitsilano Coast Guard base with a promissory note, just as they "bought" CFB Downsview, CFB Rockcliffe and the Richmond, B.C. Coast Guard base with promissory notes.

Anonymous said...

No they won't.

We'll see Bill in Adrian Dix's Premier's office with a desk of his own and government salary well before that ever happens.