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How much will Smart Tax Alliance spend to promote HST - $15 million? Christy Clark made sure you will never know

Premier Christy Clark made sure you can't find out if the Smart Tax Alliance spent $15 million to run a pro-HST advertising and "robo" call campaign or who donated - by scrapping disclosure rules

Secrets of the HST Referendum

What the BC gov't won't tell you about the tax and who's behind the campaign pushing it.

Bill Tieleman's 24 hours/The Tyee column

Tuesday July 5, 2011

"Where secrecy or mystery begins, vice or roguery is not far off."

- Samuel Johnson

There are many things powerful people want to make sure you never know about the Harmonized Sales Tax binding referendum now underway.

What is the total budget of the pro-HST Smart Tax Alliance? $15 million?

They won't tell you. But it could be more than the $12 million the BC Liberals spent in the 2009 election. And over double the $6 million B.C.'s New Democrats spent.

That big business group is buying expensive television, print, radio and Internet advertising, paying for automated "robo" calls to millions of voters and hiring spin doctors galore.

That's on top of the more than $5 million the B.C. government is spending to promote the HST.

But you will never know what the Smart Tax Alliance spent -- because Premier Christy Clark made sure of it.

Believe it or not, there are no third party financial spending disclosure rules for this referendum. None.

You can read who spent how much in both the 2005 and 2009 electoral system referenda -- but you won't be able to on this one.

How much did the Coal Association of Canada donate to the Smart Tax Alliance? The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers? The Canadian Energy Pipeline Association? The Insurance Bureau of Canada? Other business groups?

And why?

They are all Smart Tax Alliance members, but you won't ever know unless they voluntarily decide to tell us -- fat chance, especially before voting takes place.

Nor are there rules requiring referendum advertising to identify who authorized it or how to contact them. The BC Liberal government chose not to demand it.

These regulations are essential parts of any B.C. election or referendum, but have gone missing this time.

So the Smart Tax Alliance can completely avoid voter scrutiny before and after the ballot.

That stinks. Badly.

Did you know that the HST won't instantly become 10 per cent if you vote "No" to keep it?

It would only become 10 per cent if the BC Liberal government still exists in 2014 and keeps its promises, first to cut the HST to 11 per cent in July 2012, and then to 10 per cent in July 2014.

But government and Smart Tax Alliance ads don't mention that key fact.

"To lower the HST from 12 per cent to 10 per cent vote NO," a June 17 government print ad says -- with no reference to when or how.

A Smart Tax Alliance TV ad featuring cherry orchardist Christine Dendy boldly states: "And now the decrease in the HST from 12 per cent to 10 per cent saves us all money."

But there hasn't been a decrease. And no, it doesn't save us all money.

You still have to pay a full seven per cent more on hundreds of goods and services like restaurant food, basic telephone and cable, home repairs and maintenance, domestic air flights and much more that you never had to pay under the previous combined PST and GST.

Even if you believe the BC Liberal government, which broke its word over and over about the HST, will really reduce the rate to 11 per cent and then 10 per cent three years from now, you will still pay an extra five per cent on all those items that you never did before.

It won't "save us all money" -- unless business passes on 90 per cent of its savings to consumers -- which is what the government claims will happen.

And most big businesses in B.C. don't produce consumer goods you buy -- so their savings on exported aluminum, forest products, coal and copper will go to their pockets, not yours.

The HST also won't save you money, unless you don't have to ever repair your roof or do significant renovations. Or unless you don't spend much money going out for dinner and a show or travelling or on and on and on.

Did you also know that government ads saying the 10 per cent HST is "law" are completely misleading?

"We want people to know if they vote to keep the HST that the reduction will take place by law," Clark claimed last month.

But the "law" is simply a federal Order-In-Council approved by the federal Conservative cabinet, not a vote by Parliament.

And it could be just as easily rescinded with only a signature.

Besides, B.C. has a fixed election date law setting the next provincial election for May 14, 2013 -- but Christy Clark can easily change that law and has repeatedly talked about holding a vote long before then.

The BC Liberals also repealed their own "balanced budget" law when they went deeply into the red ink. This is a government with laws to be broken.

The HST Referendum Voters Guide mailed to British Columbians with the views of both Fight HST and the Smart Tax Alliance, as well as the so-called "Independent Panel" of experts on the tax was sent out before the Clark government announced additional HST rebates and proposed a future reduced rate.

That means the expensive mailing was both inaccurate and unfair -- since the registered proponent opposing the HST had no way to respond in the one flyer going to every British Columbian.

But the government has spent more than $5 million on misleading "stick man" and other advertising to promote its position.

You can choose to disregard my views -- as a Fight HST founder, I've opposed this tax from the beginning.

But I'm not paid to do so, and I don't have a multi-million dollar ad campaign trying to mislead you. The other side does.

Before you vote on the HST, ask why there is no disclosure of spending despite a massive pro-HST campaign, why standard election financing rules were dropped, why there is no requirement for government or corporate advertising to be truthful or even authorized by an official agent.

Ask the business members of the Smart Tax Alliance how much money they are spending and who is giving it to them.

But you won't get an answer. Just more ads supporting the HST.



Judy Marston said...

Hi Bill, I have a question and didn't get it to you quickly enough on C-FAX today. You may have covered it actually, as I missed the first few minutes of your interview.

I don't believe I've heard anyone talking about this and the government isn't mentioning it either, which makes me nervous.

If we extinguish the HST and go back to GST/HST will we also go back to the way things were before ie.: no HST on numerous products and services, as mentioned in your article here? Or has that even been mentioned/confirmed? I've not heard anything about this but surely this question needs to be put to Ms. Clark and her government.

What do you know about this? I look forward to hearing what you know on this score.

Judy Marston

Bill Tieleman said...

Judy - Finance Minister Kevin Falcon has hinted/threatened that some exemptions from the PST would go if the HST is rejected - restaurant food was one example.

But I believe that would be political suicide for the BC Liberals - not that it can be ruled out.

Second, I believe the language in the binding referendum is clear - it says "reinstate" the PST/GST - that should legally mean as it was before the HST was imposed.

The original Fight HST citizens Initiative language was clear that the same exemptions and rate were to be reinstated.

Mike said...

Bill, I'm confused. Where did the "$15 million" figure in your headline come from? Is it just your estimate? I hope you can clarify; the way you just insert that number in there like that almost seems deliberately misleading.

Bill Tieleman said...

Mike - I repeatedly asked the Smart Tax Alliance representatives during several Public Dialogue debates and in other media debates what their budget is - they refuse to tell the public.

But based on their massive television, radio, print and Internet ad buy and their automated "robo" calls to millions of BC voters, one can only assume it is an enormous multi-million dollar campaign.

I would be pleased to publish the real number here if the Smart Tax Alliance would disclose it - but so far they won't.

So I ask, is it $15 million? They shouldn't be allowed to hide that figure - but thanks to Premier Clark they can.

Unknown said...

BC politics is a colossium attraction (distraction) for the public, and the HST debate is the latest clash of warriors. While we can only react to this lastest insult to our intelligence, or lack thereof, the powers that control our destiny, play on, and continue to rape the public purse.

I know this is a shift from the current HST thread, but governace really requires a quantum shift from the current paradigm to one where the public purse is more democratically controlled by the electorate. All finacial decisions and expenditures should be, at least in part, be controlled by the electorate in some frequent manner, and be public knowledge, scrutinized by non-partisan media using a public policy of completely open and transparent accounting. Furthermore, the auditor general's office would be responsible for protecting the public purse, and ensuring accurate, and open accounting of all public funds. If the public is to be financially active and involved in their own affairs, they will have to become more knowledgeable in where public money needs to be spent.

I am in favour of the HST, not as it stands, but as a concept of a more convenient, singular tax. The government, now, can invent or raise taxes whenever they wish, so the current HST crisis is moot, considering the government wins, either way.

Promises are simply short term goals used whenever there is a vote or referendum. Since the collective memory of the electorate is short, promises of a 10% HST would soon be a distant memory. It is the decision-making structure of government that needs a referendum, not this upcoming lose-lose one.

So, now I am confused; do I vote yes to repeal the HST, and in so doing, win a battle and lose the war, or do I vote no to retain the HST, maybe save some coin, and feel violated, yet again. Some choice.

ron wilton said...

Unknown, how do you deduce that you will 'save some coin' under the HST?

The independant review panel clearly stated that the average BC'er will pay at least $350 more in tax under HST then he/she was paying under the PST/GST.

If you want to 'save some coin' and 'win the war', the vote must be YES.

If you watch CC's Youtube update, you will see that she too is 'confused' about the difference in the two taxes.

Unknown said...

Hi, Bill.

I feel the Fiberals have far too much at stake with the HST and I don't believe they are above fudging the results. So what scrutiny is there in place for the YES side when it comes to the counting of the referendum to ensure that the results are true?

NeoDude said...

"What is the total budget of the pro-HST Smart Tax Alliance? $15 million?"

"the way you just insert that number in there like that almost seems deliberately misleading."

Unfortunately Mike, that's the way Bill operates. He has not claimed it is $15 million and when asked (like the Smart Tax Alliance was asked) he sidestepped the question (like the Smart Tax Alliance did).

I agree that the referendum spending rules should be on par with election spending rules and this is just another indication that Christy Clark is another typical Liberal not to be trusted. I don't need to know how much is being spent by the Smart Tax Alliance. Just hiding it is enough to vote against the wishes of the Liberals.

On the other hand when a Fight HST leader deliberately throws out an outrageous figure justifying it only by saying "one can only assume it is an enormous multi-million dollar campaign" then that throws into question the responsible behaviour of the other side also. That leads us back to square one, who can you trust?

And now some comments for you Bill.

"government ads saying the 10 per cent HST is "law" are completely misleading

And it could be just as easily rescinded with only a signature.

repealed their own "balanced budget" law . . . This is a government with laws to be broken."

That's how our system works or weren't you paying attention in Poli Sci class? That's the whole point of getting in power so you can do whatever you want. Laws as a whole are almost always malleable.

Don't blame the government, blame the system. Oh, right, you support the system.

"That means the expensive mailing was both inaccurate and unfair --"

If you want fair Bill, start with how we got to this point. How do we constantly muster an autocratic government and virtually invisible opposition?

With your support of course.

"But the government has spent more than $5 million on misleading "stick man" and other advertising to promote its position."

Because it's in their best interest to do so and thanks to FPTP enthusiasts they can and will continue to do so.

"Before you vote on the HST, ask why there is no disclosure of spending despite a massive pro-HST campaign, why standard election financing rules were dropped, why there is no requirement for government or corporate advertising to be truthful or even authorized by an official agent."

Because our system is corrupt and many people, especially you Bill, campaigned effectively to keep it this way. Why, when you're usually on the losing end, is beyond me.

Bill Tieleman said...

BT NOTE: The following Anonymous comment has been edited for inappropriate language:

"Hochstein out and out said, he had two trillion dollars, to spend and fight for the HST. Big business paid Campbell big bucks, to fight for the HST. The dirty tactics.... are still enough to make a person gag. The BC Liberals have, lied, deceived, and cheated for over ten years now.

Falcon is a Campbell clone, he will be fair and honest, about nothing. To be so low as, saying to the people, he doesn't have to honor the HST. I doubt, Campbell would have agreed to the referendum, unless ...

I agree with Bill. $15 million, is only nickles and dimes to big businesses. I will be surprised, if it is only $15 million.

To expect any fairness and decency from the BC Liberals, is an exercise in futility. BC always has, two demons to fight. The BC Liberals and Harper. Campbell, Hansen and Harper colluded on the HST, long before the BC election....

Adrian B. said...

Not surprising that the big business community is trying to buy the referendum, this was all predicted long ago. It's a day late and a dollar short though. The pro-HST side is out of time, and out of tricks. According to Angus Reid's last poll, their 10% shell game with the rate had less of an impact in improving public perception of the HST than when Campbell resigned. Though there may be more of a convergence by the end of the referendum. If the "yes" side wins in a close result, British Columbians will have recall to thank for moving the date of the vote up enough to kill the tax.

the way you just insert that number in there like that almost seems deliberately misleading.

What's misleading is to say that Tieleman is definitively stating that the figure is $15 million when he clearly is not. It's obvious from the headline, not to mention explicitly in the article itself, that he is estimating a figure because the "Smart Tax [sic] Alliance" refuses to disclose the numbers (in part because they are so high it gives the impression that they are trying to buy the referendum). It's not unreasonable to estimate an 8-figure number given the volume of highly expensive television ads they are putting out there in addition to rest of their massive blitz of propaganda.

Because it's in their best interest to do so and thanks to FPTP enthusiasts they can and will continue to do so.

I supported and voted for the STV, but to claim that if it had passed our political system would be fixed and the gov't couldn't have spent $5 million on a pro-HST propaganda campaign is ludicrous.

Anonymous said...

Did we expect anything else from THE GREED IS GOOD CROWD?!

Every few months we get in a lather about what the BC Liberals and their BC Business puppet-masters do wrong but ultimately it changes nothing.

The issues are simple . . . do we want to live in a province run and exploited by generations of criminals and the hand-me-down wealthy incompetent?

We are looking at a long term battle to protect 90% of the people from an evil 10%.

You certainly don't disband the police department after they crack the specific case, and political action too must also be tailored for the long-haul and not the 30 second sound bite on an already corrupted BC media.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bill. I have come across another situation that should be addressed since it opens up another way this referendum can be fixed: I changed my address on June 1st and have the mail at my old address forwarded to my new. So far I haven't gotten my ballot, but I live in a 25 story tower and every day there are handfuls of ballots in the mail room that have been sent to people who have moved out and haven't had their mail forwarded. In the last couple of days there have been dozens sitting on the ledge, and by the end of the day they are gone. I realize that the vote requires a signature, but it would be very easy for people to pick up other people's ballots, scribble their name on it and send it in. Is Elections BC going to cross-check every signature when they count the ballots! Probably not!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bill. I have come across something that I think you should look into. I changed my address on June 1st and have my mail forwarded to my new address. Apparently a lot of people don't go to the trouble and expense to do the same, since I live in a 25 floor tower and for the last couple of days there have bee handfuls of ballots addressed to people who have moved out - adding up to dozens. I realize that people have to sign their ballot, but it would be very easy for someone wanting to fix the outcome to take them home, scribble whoever's signature it's addressed to on it and send them in. This must be happening all over the lower mainland where there is a high tenant turnover, and coincidentally high Liberal numbers! Is Elections BC going to cross-check the signatures on every one of the ballots and reject ones that they feel aren't legit? I don't think so!

Gloria said...

On the Fight HST site.

I was amazed when I read, on the
Fight HST site. The First Nations people were told by Falcon. They did not need a study, to review the impact the HST on the F.N. people. Hansen refused to acknowledge, their many requests.

The BC Liberal government is no better than, a fascist dictatorship.

Anonymous said...

Well Bill you have brought out all the PAPsmears in Crusty Campbells / gordo clark's warchest. They lie, cheat, much like their masters. They have no morals, like their masters. When this is all over and we are back to normal, the old system, then that is the time to work extra hard on those thieves, the liberals. I have never seem such corruption ever. The MSM are deep up to their asses in it also. Thank god for the blogs like yours. Don't stop Bill!

Kam Lee
Proud to have voted for democracy, I voted "YES" to rid us of this mess.

Anonymous said...

Fascism and dictatorship, is what is going on.

Campbell and Hansen said, the HST wasn't on their radar. Hansen finally admitted the HST papers were on his desk, long before the BC election. Campbell refused to allow, a full, HST debate in the Legislature. The HST was "FORCED" onto the BC people. That isn't democracy. That is fascism and a dictatorship. Don't like the HST? Too damn bad, you are paying it anyway.

That was Campbell's second election lie. His first election lie was, the BCR wasn't for sale. The trial of Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR, was nothing other than a farce. De Jong thieved our tax dollars, to pay the legal fees of the two patsies. So we BC people, paid the BC Liberals, to steal from us.

Campbell also thieved our rivers, and sold them too. The eco damage of the run of the rivers, is an out and out atrocity. Because of Campbell's theft of our rivers, our Hydro goes up to 53% higher.

That's only a drop in the bucket, what that swine did to BC and the people.

Christy Clark had the gall to say, she hoped than Glen Clark wasn't in charge of any accounting. What about Christy and the BCR??? Yes and those silly stick man ads, that have been running long enough, to rack up at least $15 million

Give Me Glen Clark and his deck any day, before Campbell, Christy and the BC Liberals.

Anon 12:54

NeoDude said...

Kam, buddy! How have you been? Long time no see. Last time I heard from you, you seemed interested in meeting for coffee, then this response from you:

"LOL. Nicely put there fellow. I hope many folks in agrrement with me will e-mail you. Should prove interesting. LOL"

Wow, not only did you not get your wish (nobody took up your invitation or maybe nobody agrees with you) but you changed your mind about getting together.

Maybe you were never serious in the first place. Yeah, that's probably it. You just like to make stuff up, like saying "all the PAPsmears" are here again. Why you probably are still trying to convince everyone that I am.

Nope, sorry. Just a big fan of democracy. Just like you! I never knew we had something in common. Thanks for your support, voting "YES" to BC-STV but no good, we still have a mess. It's actually worse now with this HST nonsense.

Not exactly a coincidence is it? Take away an opportunity for democracy and we get slammed by this dictatorial HST, but whatcha gonna do? We'll be stuck with this HST just as we got stuck with FPTP. I really must send the proper thank-you note someday.

NeoDude said...

Adrian B. - actually I agree with you, we would still have the same election result, Liberal majority and yes they would still have been able to abuse their power, spending $5-million on their HST ads.

But that's not quite what I was saying. They "can" do so because their is no opposition to their (majority) power. They "will continue" to do so (rule absolutely regardless of specific policy) because FPTP defaults to a 2-party system which guarantees a majority.

Our system would not have been fixed overnight, agreed. We have over a century of disaster to undo. STV would have been only the first step in a long journey to restructure how we govern ourselves and remove incentives for corruption among politicians such as those in our Legislature now (both sides). I just think it's too bad Bill can't see that.

Anonymous said...

I've noted some advertisements in our local paper lately. Sponsored by the Government of British Columbia, they suggest that the choice offered in the HST referendum is between a 12% PST/GST and a 10% HST. I hope we are all aware that those numbers don't tell the whole story.

The promised reduction to 10% would not take effect until July 2014 -- that's three years from now. The current HST rate is set at 12%. The HST also includes numerous services that were formerly taxed at only 5% under the PST/GST system. For these services, the proposed tax rate is actually double what it would be under the PST/GST system.

Bell Canada recently received a 10 million dollar finger wag for imposing fees hidden in the fine print of their ads. The ad promoting the HST has no fine print at all. (Kevin Falcon's defense that the information is on their website is disingenuous.) The BC Government would do well to take note.

And the BC public would do well to ask what other information might be missing from ads promoting the HST. Let's make an informed choice on the HST referendum.

Anonymous said...

An uncanny correlation between events in Nazi Germany and recent events in British Columbia, evidenced by this short clip from "Der Untergang" (Downfall) with English subtitles:


Anonymous said...

Neo-con, my fav PABsmear. Im glad your meds are working once again. As always you try to tell the truth, but you always fail. Go back to your little PABsmear room under the stairs and rest ok?

DPL said...

As bad as I don't want to agree with "Windy Falcon" he is partially correct as far as HST . Reserve Indians are exempt from all taxes. It was set up because DIAND were afraid that should some locatee forget to pay a tax, the land,the feds actually own, might get a lien put on it by some provincial of municipal government. The concern was the possibility of a reduction in the bit of "land set aside" .The modern treaty process, after a number of years of grace, will have that exemption removed. Most anything else that Falcon has to say should be simply not believed. A status card sure cuts a lot of costs. suddenly little things like carbo tax, etc etc. will start to bite.
We voted yes on our ballots and hope the majority of folks will do the same

Anonymous said...

An uncanny correlation between events in Nazi Germany and recent events in British Columbia, evidenced by this short clip from "Der Untergang" (Downfall) with English subtitles:

Bill - what is with posting this crap? There's a huge difference between governance in B.C. (whether it be the BC Liberals or the NDP), and what happened in Germany.

Critical debate on the BC Liberals is fair game, but references to Nazi Germany and comparing that to B.C. is over the top.

Cut the crap.

Anonymous said...

BC is the most corrupt province in Canada. Campbell and the BC Liberals, are the most corrupt government, in Canadian history. Campbell even admitted, he was the most despised premier in Canada, and probably in the history of...

Christy had said, she wanted to win the trust of the BC people. That hasn't happened. She is carrying on, with the HST. Nothing has changed in BC, it's just getting worse every passing day. That's why the people are feeling oppressed and very angry.

The dirty tactics the BC Liberals use, against the people, is disgusting and shameful.

BC is a province of natural resources. The HST does absolutely nothing for the people.

Big business is happy, because the BC citizens, have been forced to carry that debt. If big businesses, are happy their accounting is easier...Their huge savings, should be paid to the government. All the HST has done, is drive prices, out into orbit.

The government could have come up with a solution, to make accounting easier for big business, without stressing the people.

However, the HST was a scam by, Campbell, Hansen and Harper, to thieve, "MONEY", from the people, to give to big business. That's who they work for.

Anonymous said...

. Let's make an informed choice on the HST referendum.

Agree there. Do the homework.

Forget about the political rhetoric from both sides.

Make an informed choice. Don't vote "Yes" simply because you hate the BC Liberals or "no" simply because you hate VanderZalm.

Bill Tieleman said...

I agree with comments that comparing BC or Canada with fascist countries or Nazi Germany are totally inappropriate and would encourage posters to stop such ridiculous comparisons.

I have allowed them to be posted, as this is a free speech blog, but I strongly disagree.

Anonymous said...

The HST has a very long arm. My house insurance, went up $140.00 from last year. When I asked them why? They said, the cost of goods to repair homes, cost so much more, because of the HST. I just got another bill, from my insurance co. They want $25.00 more.

I was amazed when I opened a large tub of Becel marg. It was only three quarters full, for the same previous price. Loaves of bread, may have less slices, for the same price. A jar of dressing had gone up $1.00, when I asked why? Well the price of gasoline went up, so the freight trucked in, also went up.

That's only a drop in the bucket, what the consumer gets nailed for. Now they want to meter internet users. We got another carbon tax hike, on July 1st. Our Hydro will go up to 53% more.

When you start adding up all the additional costs, and look at the big picture. If the HST goes through, this next winter is going to be very grim. BC still has the record of the most people living in poverty, there will be more, come winter.

However, Campbell, Hansen, Christy, Harper, big business and the BC Liberals, really don't care about the BC citizens. They have not one bit of shame, for exploiting their own people.

BC's assets have been stolen and sold, by Campbell. There is nothing left in this province, to recover with. Their greed came first.

BC family's and children so hungry, they can't even do their schoolwork, just don't count with Christy, what-so-ever. She is a blatant liar, for saying she does.


Anonymous said...

BC family's and children so hungry, they can't even do their schoolwork, just don't count with Christy, what-so-ever. She is a blatant liar, for saying she does.

So what happened when the NDP was in power Julie? Were no children hungry? Couldn't do their homework?

John Walker said...

I voted No just to piss the middle class. The poor doesn't care. The rich doesn't care. The middle class just don't get it. More taxes, less services. That's how it works. Until you get this fact, you will remain useless. Let's rollback all union and public sector jobs. Now that's worth voting YES too. And this might happen.

Anonymous said...

A person could understand the HST, if what Campbell and Hansen said the HST would do, if that were true.

But it isn't. Restaurants are still closing. (My favorite two closed, one was Mr. Mikes) There are some small businesses, that couldn't survive the HST.

Family's run out of money, before their next payday. It is said credit card debt, is scary high. The cost of living has gone way up. Wages haven't. Gas prices are outrageous. Groceries have gone up. Everyone on a set income, are worried about their hydro and heat bills, for next winter. I don't know, what the first increment is on hydro.

When I retired, my pension was adequate back then. But, I know I can't stay in BC. My house is going up for sale. I have already sold my car, for an emergency expense. I am fortunate enough that I can leave BC. Rather than being able to save money, by the HST. It is costing me much more, to get by on.

I haven't heard one person that said, they are saving money. Instead, they are using all their savings, to live on.

My neighbor across the street, has been cut back to, two days a week at the mill, he has a wife and two little children. He has gone pretty much, all over BC. He hasn't been able to find work yet. The HST hasn't brought any jobs, as promised. Jobs are still being cut.

My feeling is, this province is right out of control. I am afraid of that black pit.

I really feel sorry for family's, on a lower incomes with children. They have to rely on food banks, to help feed their kids. I take vegetables from my garden to the food bank. Those shelves are pretty bare.

NeoDude said...

Ah Kam, you're the best. As consistent as you are inaccurate. At least you're so out to lunch that no-one takes you seriously. Please check in more often, this blog needs your entertainment. Maybe you could come up with some new schtick though, this PAB conspiracy stuff is getting old.


Anonymous said...

Tiel and Zalm were at the courthouse today to discuss the campaign. Didn't see CBC, Global or BCTV, and the Sun and Province guys took no interest (esp. Nevens).

Too bad big media prefers to re-write Public Affairs Bureau BS rather than earn journalist credentials.

Anonymous said...

How much is the BC Fed spending Bill ? How much Union money ends up in your pocket for your "services" Bill ?

Bill Tieleman said...

Anon 10:06 p.m. - that could be my point - no one can find out what the BC Federation of Labour or any union or any other organization spent on the HST referendum because Christy Clark made it so.

The BC Fed has publicly said it is spending $50,000 on its campaign, I believe.

I am not working for the BC Fed and no union or other client is paying me to work for Fight HST. I am a volunteer.

Anonymous said...

"Tiel and Zalm were at the courthouse today to discuss the campaign. Didn't see CBC, Global or BCTV, and the Sun and Province guys took no interest (esp. Nevens).

Too bad big media prefers to re-write Public Affairs Bureau BS rather than earn journalist credentials."

Too bad the poster wasn't paying attention. It was indeed on both CTV and Global News.

The PAB references are laughable.

Wonder what the poster will do when the NDP becomes government and sets its own PAB?

Anonymous said...

BC has the highest number of, children living in poverty. There were over 121,000 BC children in poverty. Campbell said, BC is the best place to live. He should have added, if you can afford it.

BC is the worst province to live in, for mothers trying to feed and clothe their children, earning the minimum wage.

Christy did raise the minimum wage, which is good. However, BC still has the lowest minimum wage in Canada.

I watched the news when, teachers were saying, some of the children were too hungry to concentrate on their schoolwork. Those words weren't mine. They were the words of the teachers, who had to contend with that situation everyday.

I don't care even, which country has children living in poverty. That's something I hate to hear and see. No child in the world, deserves to be hungry.

Jeff Raymer said...

Thanks Bill for all your insight. I moved to BC three-and-a-half years ago to work in Prince George and was amazed at the low cost of living and promising future the Province had. I just left to move back to Ontario, heartbroken as I look in my rear-view mirror and see how badly the standard of living has dropped, the cost of living has increased, and the Liberal Government has effectively destroyed the Province. It was a 'have' province with promise, now its a 'have-not' with dead trees.

Paul said...

@Judy Marston - reinstate exemptions

I found this on the Fight HST website.

Port Coquitlam – Acting Chief Electoral Officer Craig James has responded to a Fight HST request to clarify the intent of the upcoming Referendum question to end the HST by saying that the words “reinstate the PST” means to restore the tax to its former status before implementation of the HST on July 1, 2010.

“That means the same exemptions and applications that existed under the PST prior to harmonizing it would be restored if voters agree to the question put to them in next year’s referendum,” explained Chris Delaney, Lead Organizer for Fight HST.

Chris Delaney: "The Acting CEO responded by explaining that the word ‘reinstate’ means to ‘restore to the former position’".
Full Fight HST article

The stuff coming out of Kevin FalCON is just fear mongering nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Neo-Con, to bad you will be fired when crusty is defeated, or put in jail. We know where you live.

NeoDude said...

"Neo-Con, to bad you will be fired when crusty is defeated, or put in jail. We know where you live."

Kam, I don't blame you for not posting your name. It must be embarrassing being wrong all the time. But hey, since you "know" where I live, why don't you drop by for that cup of coffee?

Anonymous said...

Someone please investigate this from Craigslist Vancouver under p/t help wanted. Thanks.

Looks suspicious-perhaps even criminal.
You could type in HST under p/t jobs in Vancouver r&r.