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Bill Vander Zalm - Premier Gordon Campbell "lied and deceived us" on HST

I am pleased to present in full a letter my friend former Premier Bill Vander Zalm sent to the media about the outrageous BC Harmonized Sales Tax and Premier Gordon Campbell's "deceitful" behaviour in imposing the HST.

While I disagreed with many of the positions Bill Vander Zalm took when he was premier, I have great respect for his ongoing support for many important causes in BC - Bill has joined with me to fight the sale of BC Rail, the privatization of BC Hydro and the construction of new BC Ferries in Germany instead of here in BC shipyards.

Here then is Bill Vander Zalm's view of the HST:

* * * * *
July 29, 2009
It's a hot day, in the middle of summer - and it's the day the results from the “Braidwood Inquiry” into the use of Tasers is announced.
It's the perfect day for Government bad news.

Bad news it is, but Premier Gordon Campbell tries to have us believe it's a good news story.

The premier tells us that a new 12% consumer tax will create jobs. He tells us it's good for business because it simplifies things.

Not too surprising some of the liberal media go along with this deceitful line and report it in this vein.

A tax is never a good thing – only true Liberals believe taxes are good.

They thrive on taking a lot, redistributing most, and keeping some for the politicians for such desirable things as expensive perks, travel to distance places for studies, severance pay should
they decide to quit or be defeated because they did a poor job, and bigger pensions,

We now also have bureaucrats making over $ 1 million per year and you must contribute to that too.

Imagine a new 12% tax announced only 3 months after the Liberals were elected on the charge that the NDP were the “Taxers”. They told us, time and again, that they would never introduce a new tax during an economic downturn.
We know why they lied and deceived us - it would have defeated the Liberals had the truth been told.

We're now also being told that they had to do this because their Liberal counterparts in Ontario have done this too – hogwash!!!

This new tax will impact everyone and everything. Some may think that because we've heard complaints mostly from prominent restaurateurs that the wealthy will be hardest hit, because they'll now pay 12% tax on a restaurant meal.

They forget that a hamburger and a cup of coffee will also have a 12% tax added. The reality is that practically everything will cost more and the government in Victoria will rake in extra billions of dollars.

The sad part is that the poorest people will be hardest hit – with this type of tax the poorest pay most as a percentage of their income.

Everything will cost more and the only wage increases will go to the politicians and top bureaucrats. It seems its always been this way, but nothing near or comparable to what we see now.

So what about the economy? Anytime a government does a two billion dollar tax grab it's going to cost jobs – not make jobs - except for more government and bigger bureaucracies.

What do you think this will do to tourism? Will it encourage visitors to come and pay 12% more? What about house building? Will a 12% tax on houses encourage more building? The answers are obvious.

What may not be so obvious is that this was probably a one man decision.

What may not be so obvious is that the government faces embarrassing budget over-runs with the Olympics and elsewhere, and more money from you may overcome this.

By the time the next election comes around you'll probably have forgotten who did this to you.

My friends are calling for a revolution or recall of the entire government. I tell them British Columbians don't revolt very easily.
I'm sick and tired, mad and frustrated at being lied to and paying still more taxes when everyone else is expected to cut back or accept cut-backs by a government out of control.

If any of you reading this have any suggestions about what we might do, and where and when we begin, I’d like to hear from you.

Send me an email via my website at:

Bill Vander Zalm
Former British Columbia Premier



Anonymous said...

As soon as he says "A tax is never a good thing – only true Liberals believe taxes are good" that's where he parts ways with anyone who believes in a civil society.

We don't need fewer taxes so much as we need fairer taxes. As Bill has pointed out, the HST is another giant step away from a truly progressive taxation system. And on that ground, it should be strongly opposed.

But Vanderzalm, who is doing a remarkable job in rehabilitating his image after quitting in disgrace, deserves no support in his anti-tax, libertarian drive.

Anonymous said...

why don't we arrange a date and meet up somewhere preferably real close to the pukes office and let him know how we feel about these blatant give away to friend's and insider's,let's ask why ppp's are allowed to prosper while draining the public purse,and why he's letting his friend's run amok all over our river's, let's ask why he's running this province by decree and not by democratic design,isn't that why we have a legislature, our house remember that place ?It's so seldom used these day's, I wonder if we should just rent it out or better yet let the homeless use it, instead of wasting away of more resources,this is no different than all there other do nothing and watch thing's deteriorate to a point where there's nothing left and then give it away to there friend's,like our railway,our forests,our rivers,our gas companies,our electric company,no wonder there's nothing left to cover our social programs,our previous investments of our fore father's ,are all but gone shame on you campbell and all back bencher's that will go down in history as the,most useless bunch of fart catchers the world has ever seen ! Thanks for nothing!!!...exactly what we pay you for!!!And my special heart felt thanks BCUC,for exposing those IPP'S for what they are,NOT IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE CONSUMER!!!!!! Just like this joke we call a democratic liberal party BULLOCKS!!!We are as close to fascism as we can get!

DPL said...

11:39 got onto the subject very quckly. Sure Bill is rehabilitating himself. I do recall that your boss 11:39, had mug shots when caught drunk driving and proven guilty. Had he been picked up and found guilty in BC he would have been out of the job. He shed a few tears and folks said. Poor Gordon drank too much , just that one time , so lets forgive him.

Bill resigned for his handing over cash to a Real Estate woman with a funny hat.
I prefer Bill Vanderzam's version of the tax, over Gordo's version any time. I never voted for either of them.

Anonymous said...

These assaults on our investment's and social programs must end immediately,and reverted back to there original owners,us we made the original investments to take care of our future needs not to be given away to there friends,after all we made them for the same reasons they list for the reason that we can't afford our medical,aging demographics,that's why investments were made they were foreseen,now these clowns are squandering our forefather foresight,can you imagine the spin it takes for some one to piss in your face and tell you it's raining warm salt water!that's whats happening and we are drinking it ,I say let's start getting some answers the questions have already been asked to no avail!The main stream media has had it's chance and refused to act like the (defacto) loyal (only to themselves)opposition!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

DPL: you need to read the first comment again. I oppose the HST. But Vanderzalm's anti-tax rhetoric is just as bad, if not worse.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bill these rants I'm posting for the past month's are helping to alleviate my hypertension,more people should try this form of therapy ,and do our part for the medical system,and help to divert more funds to that five ring circle jerk,I was all in favor of just a few short years ago,everything that man(gordo) touches turns to shit,kinda of a reverse or perverse midas touch,turns to shit for us and gold for his boy's!!!He'll spare no expense to keep us,the unwashed out!!! Do you really think he want's to see any of the people that know what he's up to there ?

baxman said...

Is it correct that anything that is now taxed only GST will be taxed with HST?
Does this mean that cigarettes, bottled beverages, candies, snack foods (convenience store products) that are now PST excempt be hit with the new tax?

Anonymous said...

I find the retired millionaire types like the ‘Zalm seem to hate the thought of paying more in taxes far more so than the average joe. Most economists say the HST will make the rich pay more because they consume more. It seems the ‘Zalm has got the all figured out. After all he cannot afford to pay more to support healthcare and welfare; services he does not require.

Small wonder why the rich keep on getting richer…..

Anonymous said...

campbell should be charged for inciting a riot with his lies and bad legislation,bill 84 has already cost the taxpayer,85,000,000 because the supreme court of Canada,ruled that it was unconstitutional,with little or non reporting of the case by the msm,let's let him have it with both barrels on this and past discrepancies,POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!

Anonymous said...

sure a lot more than the $.50 a six pack the media and the lieberals,said the ndp were going to impose!!!!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if his body guards (rcmp)are looking at him with distasteful glances these day's !!

Anonymous said...

We are going through the same kind of crisis that the English Common Folk weathered in the 1640s under the despotic and corrupt rule of Charles the First.

Those uneducated and simple people were ultimately able to do what we today are too cowardly to even think . . .
they went to war against their evil ruler, and in 1649 the despot not only lost his throne he lost his head.

From this civil-action against a corrupt tyrant sprang the world's first effective Parliament.

Occasionally democracy requires more than lip-service and ninety seconds in a voting booth.


Anonymous said...

Bill Van der Zalm is only speaking out as he is trying to protect his developmentof 195 new homes in Merrit. The HST will effect his sales. Con me once, okay, con me twice, NOT BLOODY LIKELY.

Philip Neves said...

Mr Vander Zalm,

I never thought we would have a premier worse then you before now. But Gordon Cambell is worse. Much worse.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Vander Zalm,
I fully agree with you. The poor and people on fixed incomes are sure taking a beating, once again.
Let us have a tax revolt. Lead the way and I will stand behind you. The sooner we are rid of this government the better.
When is their next big wage increase going to be?

Anonymous said...

We all need taxes, how else to live in a civil society? It is the perceived unfairness of the taxes and the constant harping about taxes that encourages many people to 'avoid' them in the underground economy. Those of us who just go along and pay what is owed are almost as bad. FAIR taxes are what we should be fighting for but of course who's version of fair is right. A tangled web indeed. And what a cynical politician/salesman Bill Vander Zalm is, promoting his book and rewriting history.

Bill Tieleman said...

Sorry Anonymous 6:09 but this isn't a tax that pays for public services - it's a tax transfer from ordinary people's pockets to big business.

I don't agree with all of Bill Vander Zalm's arguments but he is dead on about who this will hit and hit hard. And about how the BC Liberals lied during the election about their plans to avoid defeat.

Anonymous said...

I was referring to the general nature of his quote "A tax is never a good thing – only true Liberals believe taxes are good" rather than the specific HST situation, reply from 6:09pm

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

With a spiralling deficit and the spectre of deep cuts to health care, B.C. said each dollar of new royalty credits will generate $2.50 in additional revenue in the next three years, money that will go to health care and education. -

Jackie STARR said...

First of all, the coinage of the term 'harmonized sales tax' is wrong. On of the definitions of harmonize is 'to make or become harmonious or suitable' (Doubleday Dictionary). Suitable to whom? This is nothing to do with harmony. The use of the word harmonize is another example of words having new meanings attributed, which in time negates the original meaning of the word. For example gay. It is unlikely anyone today would use the word gay intending the meaning as it was 40+ years ago. And all the people whose names are Gay. Why is that 'someone' "they" can't just stick with the name that most accurately defines the object or behavior?? Okay now I've had my rant about the term.
And my opinion - this should be called Blended Sales Tax - which is BS Tax!

E. G. ROCK said...

* I live in America .. but am amazed by this situation ...
We could loan you BOSTON HARBOR in case you want to throw some politicians in, for a TAX REVOLUTION ! *

Louise Riel said...

Sgt Rock ...

weird. I live in America too ... North America. I live in that big bit which takes up more than the top half of the continent. You claimin' it all, or somethin'?

Remedial Geography 101 for you. And after that, Remedial International Relations.

Carmat said...

I truly regret voting for the Liberals. Let’s face it the choices were slim and I did not want to vote NDP. I did not want the NDP in power because I feared a return to a time of unfair taxation and the destruction of the middle class in this province. Look at what we have now!

The HST must be fought by us all. It is another form of unfair taxation and we need to do everything we can to force a referendum. We need a tax revolt the likes of which this country, and especially this province has never seen. Perhaps it is time to take a lesson from the Boston Tea party.

Mr. Campbell has no regard for what the people of this province think. He thinks he has a clear four years to reign his form of taxation tyranny upon us, and then he will throw a few bones just before the next election. His enormous ego believes that the obtuse masses will simply forgive and forget all of the underhanded deceitful acts that he, and his band of lackeys engage in. The platitudes delivered by Campbell to support this terrible tax are further evidence of the barley veiled contempt he holds the people of this province in.

The HST is going to hurt our economy and prolong or prevent our recovery. Mr. Campbell knows this. Why do you think he chose to bring it in after the Olympics? Our province is already too heavily taxed. It is already too expensive to live here and too expensive to vacation here. It is time to “JUST SAY NO”.

Anonymous said...

good idea sarge said we could use the harbor!

Lary Waldman said...

We can see by looking south, that only a high motivated group of Obama hater's (perhaps racist) are turning up at health care town meetings to disrupt and cause disturbance. I live in Qualicum Beach, I have a small business here, and I would be hard pressed to find ten people who truly understand what this HST will mean to them. And I can tell you from six years of running my business that the people in Qualicum May be old Socred's, when it comes to money, they count their change down to the penny.

I would suggest something along these lines. If Obama announced a signing statement today that in 90 days Medicare in the US would no longer be funded by the Government you would see 80% of the country stand up for him, and single payer health care.

That's what we need in BC, to bring Campbell down. An issue that so outrages so impacts British Columbians, that the Government can not stand. You may remember the pictures of Jack through the window in the Interior averting a Province wide General Strike a few years back. Something of that magnitude. As it stands now, most people don't even have this tax change on their radar, they are all freaked out by the Olympics. Campbell, being no dummy, knows it is best to bring the bad news first, now he has oodles of time to make nice. A recall campaign to defeat the Government, unless you have a secret cat in a bag, is a long long shot. But you can count me in.

Anonymous said...

the poor will always be poor because the government wants to be wealthy through people who cannot afford a place to live. i think it is very sad, you see homeless now... just wait! the government cares about the people...the government cares for themselves. its a sad world for peoples who work so hard, one a government with its wealth can never understand. where is robin hood when we need him

B.J. Smith said...

Bill how can we stop this "HST" Show us the way. We don't need it. We don't want it, We don't buy it. The person or persons who can "tar & feather this traitor & ride him out of British Columbia on a rail" will get my vote.I fear for the poor, the homeless & peoples on fixed incomes. Who will care for them. Axe the tax.

Anonymous said...

The HST, is an unfair tax. This tax is by percentage. So, that means low income families living on $12.000 per year and high income citizens earning $120.000 per year, both pay the same percentage. So, the HST, is geared for big business. Campbell must have thought the citizens of BC, fell off the turnip truck. He says the savings for big business, will be passed to the consumer. However, we people of BC, have to realize, that every thing coming out of Campbell's, mouth is a lie. There will be nothing to benefit the people what so ever. Campbell is busy selling BC to the USA, for his own personal gain. There is nothing beneath his dignity he wont do, especially, if there is a benefit for himself.

Anonymous said...

Call a election and get rid of Campbell........he lies, spent us into the poor house.Where does he quit?Why did BCins vote out Vander Zam????????????????You never know what you have till its gone.

Anonymous said...

Not much difference between the NDP and Liberals. Both like to tax and then blow it.
The only ray of hope is the BC Reconfederation Party and Bill Vander Zalm may be the best choice to get this party off the ground.
As far as his Social Credit Party resignation due to conflict of interest - it was his own private property he sold. It did not affect government or taxpayers in any way. The NDP and legal beagles should spend their time and effort on things that are important instead of looking at how to get themselves into power.

Anonymous said...

To Bill Vander Zalm, Thank you for taking this corrupt government, and exposing all that they screwed up and please get on with the recalls of some of these bums.Better now then after they destroy B.C. Keep up the great work. Ed

Don McNulty said...

All these letters certainly give an insight into the character of the people opposed to the Liberal government.

Anonymous said...

My name is Randy Valin, and i live in Kamloops BC. I am currently staging a one-man protest in front of the office of Terry Lake. One of the biggest promises was that the HST was a revenue neutral tax. It does not seem to be so. The former PST rebate, which has been replaced by the HST rebate, has resulted in only the poorest people in BC losing $37.50 per person, for a total of $45 000 000. We paid the PST for the first 6 months of 2010, and thus should be entitled to the 6 months worth of last years rebate. By retroactively signed the HST into law as of January 1st the province was let off the hook by a loophole resulting in $45 000 000 in revenue for the province solely from the people who make less than $16000 per year.
I am protesting this issue in the hopes that more people will realize what has actually happened, and who in the end paid that revenue. I am hoping that my story can get out beyond the borders of Kamloops into the rest of the province to help the people who need it the most. I can be found outside the office of Terry Lake, here in Kamloops, Monday - Thursday 10am - 3pm

David W. Conkin said...

I am trying to get this message out to as many anti HST people as I can. The question I asked on the Bill Good show was "whether the goverment will give us the same exemptions we had previous to the implementation of the HST?" Keith Baldry said that the goevernment was very vague when asked that. I sense that most of us feel if we vote for the GST/PST that we will get all the exemptions back that were in place. But I don't believe we will. The government is not obligated to do so unless we as taxpayers make it a key issue. And unless we make it very public and get the answer we will be very upset to find out that we have been hoodwinked again. I would vote for the HST if the exemptions that we had before were the same today. But we know that in the inplementation of the HST many exemptions were taken away and in stead of paying 5%gst we are now paying 12% HST.