Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Tieleman back from New York - comments published and welcome

Sorry to those posters who sent in comments in the last few days - I was on holidays in New York and unable to access my email or blog to publish them but I am now back in Vancouver and caught up.

I am still on vacation for a few more days but will make sure comments are put online as quickly as possible - so long as they do not come in during the martini hour!

Thanks - Bill Tieleman


Anonymous said...


DPL said...

"Martini Hour", I would think you were mpore of a Crown Royal and water guy. Most folks I ever met in that business were scotch drinkers but what the heck it's your choice.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Bill.

The Emerson story seems to be the biggest unresolved question on the Vancouver landscape today. I can't imagine your guy losing if the floor crosser hangs up his booties.

Emerson's departure would signal a real loss for the Tories, and I bet Stephen Harper is already discussing the 'financial considerations' of his choice.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home!

I'm looking forward to hearing your opinion of the newly implemented two-tier rate plan for BC Hydro. They dropped the proposed upper limit of 1600 kWh down to 1350 kWh for two months use, so that condo owners will be included rather than excluded.

If Gordon Campbell wants to raise more funds to cover his $5 billion dollar proposed BC Hydro infrastructure upgrade and the construction of Site C, then the Liberal government should issue some governmental bonds, just at W.A.C. Bennett's government did in the past to build our hydroelectric dams and Manitoba Hydro is currently doing.

DPL said...

Emerson is Gone as has Monty Soleberg and another guys whos name escapes me. Maybe Emerson will get a job with Ken Doebell

Anonymous said...

Ok we all know if Harper is reelected Emerson will be a senator.

Anonymous said...

Mr. E told CKNW today that he would prefer to see an elected senate.

And frankly, with such "radical" talk, I'm a little worried that these Cons are going to pull off a majority.

I understand the Libs are going to lob a softball in at Peter Julian in Burnaby New West. Something to do with his dad, I hear.

But is there more than ONE BC ridings that NDP can pick up?

Van Kingsway is probable, and Newton NDelta may be possible, but after that ...

I see many Lib ridings that just might turn Con this time, including Quadra, Van South, and West Van HoweS.

Is it really that bad?

BC Mary said...

Bill, one of the interesting developments during your absence was the release on September 4 of the Police Complaint Commissioner's DECISION WHETHER TO ORDER A PUBLIC HEARING in the CHIEF CONSTABLE PAUL BATTERSHILL INVESTIGATION.

No public inquiry. No wrongdoing. But questions linger.

I'm preparing a posting for tomorrow on The Legislature Raids.

Good to know you're back and that we may be hearing your views on this troubling case.



Anonymous said...

When Harper goes to Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean, Governor General and Commander-in-Chief of Canada, to say he can't make things work anymore - I'm hoping that she tells Steve: 'Thanks, I'll be asking Stéphane Dion, Leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition, to talk to the other party leaders to see if he can form a workable solution for the next 12 months.'

DPL said...

Anon 8:40 has a great idea. For Michell does that would be most unlikely, but woudn't that be great to put the pompous ass down a few pegs. He reminds me of the jerk running BC right now.

Bill Tieleman said...

Sorry for delay in responding:

- No to private jet - sadly no one offered to pay!

- While there's no beverage I would refuse if kindly offered, I am primarily a wine guy who also likes single malt scotch, bourbon and martinis.

- David Emerson's departure - I predict he will be back in some function but not likely as Senator - that would be too much even for Stephen Harper, given his party's commitment to an elected Senate.

- 2-Tier BC Hydro rates are a duck blind for the radical increases in electricity rates due to privatization of power production - the run-of-the-riverboat scam. There are additional huge rate hikes coming that are separate from the alleged "green" rate differential. See BC Citizens for Public Power for more info.

- I think the Conservatives stand an excellent chance of a majority government due to the weakness of the Liberals and obviously leader Stephane Dion's unpopularity. But two things have been constants in federal politics - the Liberals' ability to win and the Conservatives ability to screw up a good thing - check the history books.

- I don't understand the reference to NDP MP Peter Julian. The NDP may well benefit in some ridings from a Liberal collapse, including Kingsway and the Surrey ridings but it can also hurt them elsewhere.

- Thanks to BC Mary for covering the Paul Battershill case - it is indeed troubling that a police chief can be taken out over what appear to be at worst lapses in moral judgment on the personal front. I believe there was an internal battle that Battershill lost over control of the department, with his enemies using his personal situation against him.

- Lastly, there is no way - nor should there be - that GG Jean can possibly ask Dion to form a government. I would have my doubts even if a resolution asking her to do so passed in Parliament but certainly nothing short of that would give her reason to consider it. Harper is, in my view, totally within his rights to ask her for an election - even though it is totally hypocritical given his and his party's introduction of fixed term elections.

Back in 24 hours Tuesday, on CKNW Monday a half hour early - 9:30 a.m. and on CITY TV Monday at about 8:20 a.m. to discuss the federal election with my colleague Erin Airton - tune in!

Eleanor Gregory said...

Rather interesting that in response to your rather benign posting that you've been on holiday and will be back to regular work next week that your loyal readers have generated their own discussion. Not a very quiet summer I'd say.

Anonymous said...

- writ dropped, discussion moot, but worth it too -

BT wrote: "Harper is, in my view, totally within his rights to ask her [GG Jean] for an election..."

I agree... Harper is free to act as he sees fit - no matter how selfish and divisive his actions are.

However, I believe that the GG should have denied this targeted act of violence against the Canadian peoples. Canadians (through Parliament) have decided that fixed election dates are the way of the future. This illegal and cynical request to short out the parliamentary process should have been punted - The Elections Act gave the GG all the authority that was needed to say no.


@ Eleanor Gregory - amazing how the katz will play when the mouse is away ;)

Anonymous said...

Re: Peter Julian

The reference to the Liberals lobbing a softball to Peter Julian on account of his father is probably a reference to the secret meetings that took place in March 2007 between Vancouver Quadra Liberal candidate Joyce Murray, Burnaby New Westminster Liberal candidate Gerry Lenoski and Peter Julian's father Terry Julian. Unfortunately for the participants, these meetings did not remain as secret as the participants would have liked. Someone who was privy to these meeting leaked the information out. I don't know what was discussed at these meetings, but I do know that sevearl meetings between Joyce Murray, Gerry Lenoski and Terry Julian did take place in the spring of 2007.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Gerry Lenoski, I met him at an event earlier this year and he gave his business card. The card listed him as the president of a company called Equicom Capital Group. According to the card, the company handles "investor relations", "financial communications" and "public affairs". Out of curiousity, I looked up Equicom Capital Group on the internet and the search engine led me to the website www.equicomgroup.com The site describes Equicom Group as specializing in "investor relarions" and "financial communications" as well as other services. Only there is no mention of Gerry Lenoski anywhere on the site. So I phoned up Equicom Group and they claimed to have no knowledge of Gerry Lenoski and denied that anyone by that name has ever had any association with their company. Any idea what gives here?

Anonymous said...

A great editorial in The Sun today, Bill.

Hydro's anti-family pricing policy is counter to B.C.'s economic goals

September 9, 2008.

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