Saturday, February 23, 2008

Key backroom federal Conservative backs Vancouver councilor Peter Ladner's challenge to Mayor Sam Sullivan

Bob Ransford, a key federal Conservative backroomer, is throwing his support behind Vancouver city councilor Peter Ladner's attempt to unseat Non-Partisan Association mayor Sam Sullivan.

Ironically, Sullivan has been rapped in the past for being too close to the federal Conservatives, particularly key Stephen Harper/Conservative operative Colin Metcalfe, who managed Sullivan's nomination campaign,

And Ransford is a former Sullivan supporter who backed the mayor in his 2005 nomination battle with former BC Liberal Deputy Premier Christy Clark.

Ransford is one of a small group of Ladner supporters featured on the councilor's Facebook website "Ladner For Mayor".

As of Saturday the website had 76 individuals subscribing.

The Facebook site also shows that 313 people contacted have not yet replied to an invitation to join, among them fellow NPA councilor Suzanne Anton - who has publicly said she is backing Sullivan, NPA caucus co-ordinator George Higgins - another Sullivan loyalist, former NPA councilor and president Tung Chan, Melissa De Genova, daughter of Vision Vancouver mayoralty seeker and former NPA Park Board Commissioner Al De Genova and even NDP MLA Maurine Karagianis!

Ransford was Conservative campaign co-chair in BC in the 2004 federal election, has been involved in more than 50 federal, provincial and municipal election campaigns and currently is a senior consultant with CounterPoint Communications.


kootcoot said...

I was just reading the Vancouver Sun for yesterday, page 4 in the West Coast Section. (I confess, I purchase a hard copy about once per week, I do have the excuse of needing fire starter though).

In the article, about Peter Ladner's challenge of Sam I Am for mayor is the following.

"Sullivan has raised almost $5000,000 for his personal campaign..."

Now that is obviously a misprint, but is it missing the comma or does it have an extra zero? If it takes $5 mil to run for mayor in a medium sized North American city, then truly money has taken over politics, entirely. Frankly, even five hundred thousand seems like quite a bit, at this point in time over six months before the election.

Maybe someone here could clarify which is the correct amount!

Bill Tieleman said...

Kootcoot - it's definitely $500,000 not $5 million - Sam is raising a lot of do but he ain't Michael Bloomberg!!

RossK said...

Just so folks have an idea about how much of a pre-war chest of $500K is in relative terms, please understand that, according to his Campaign Financeing Disclosure Statement, Mr. Sullivan raised ~490K in 2005.

In other words, Mr. Sullivan has already raised more money than he raised in the entire 2005 election cycle and the meat of the 2008 fundraising season has not even begun.

Anonymous said...

This should come as absolutely no surprise to anyone who knows of Bob's principles and integrity.

He wants the NPA to survive and has chosen a candidate he feels can deliver, having, like me, bolted the insane world of The Nutty One.

Peter is very, very lucky to have around someone as astute as Bob. No question.

Anonymous said...

I think Sullivan is gonzo. He stood alone among City Council in opposing the Frank Paul Commission. I have attended a couple of sessions, and public policy will be advanced by commission findings. Who knew both that when VPD members investigate same, they intentionally omit charge recommendations on final reports, even as they are under orders to address that issue when a private citizen is involved? I didn't, but now I do. Sullivan - as head of the Police Board - has been concealing same. VPD had told Paul's family that the deceased had been hit by a car. Why wouldn't Sullivan want reasons for the error (or deceit) fleshed out?

Then there is Sullivan's confrontational attitudes to civil workers who he locked out, when a compromise was possible.

Ladner and Robertson have both displayed better judgment. Ladner wouldn't jump unless he had deep support (and pockets). Both could bury Mayor Sam in the Cambie ditch.

Sam: don't plant messages on the blogs. It will only compound your desperation. Bye, bye.