Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tieleman on vacation till Sept 14!

I am headed off to Spain for three weeks summer vacation and therefore will not be able to post or moderate comments after today.

My apologies to any ardent commentators - who are always most welcome -but barring exceptional circumstances I will not be accessing my blog until my return on September 14.

Please feel free to post but it will not appear until I return, unless I forego tapas and vino tinto a few times to catch up!
Hasta luego, amigas y amigos!


Anonymous said...

Happy trails! Enjoy a safe, well-deserved rest Bill.

But could you not have given Spenser Herbert his hat back?!?!?!?

See you in September my friend.

Anonymous said...

Tsakumis, I invite you to make a comparison of the respective Herbert and Tieleman hats. Tieleman's hat(s?) is/are much more broad brimmed than Hiebert's hat(s). Personally, I don't wear hats because they make my hair squish down.

Bill Tieleman said...

Hola amigos y amigas and thanks Alex and Eleanor for the hat debate!

I´m wearing a baseball cap in very hot and sunny Spain right now so the sartorial showdown will have to wait!

Budd Campbell said...

It's a tough life being a political consultant but someone's got to do it!

Think, by contrast, of all the lazy suburban commuters in Surrey and Langley who want to squander the hard earned tax dollars of Westside professionals constucting a huge, additional, Port Mann Bridge! Shocking. If they want to live out there they should take a bus or Skytrain, ... with no access to a public washroom for the entire length of the trip. That ought to keep'em quiet!

Anonymous said...

Good grief. Why slag the folks in the valley. They're being screwed by Falcon's Folly (the environmentally damaging Gateway project.) Welcome back Bill. The Basi/Virk/Basi trial resumes Mon.
We need to hear what's going on. While you've been away Gordo has opened a new port in the North. Now they'll get tons of road rage trucks just like us!