Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Will Bill Bennett fire BC Liberal Party's Kelly Reichert too?

BC Liberal Party Executive Director admits same American political consulting connections that Junior Minister of Mines Bennett criticized BC NDP for

Minister of State for Mines Bill Bennett has dug himself into an impressively deep hole - so deep you might almost call it a mine -- except for the fact that he will never strike gold. It actually appears he has struck out.

You will recall that Bennett launched an ill-advised attack on the BC NDP for using evil American political consultants to sabotage Premier Gordon Campbell's Conversation on Health.

Only problem - Bennett admitted to the media he had absolutely no proof except that some NDP staff types had been to a political consulting conference in Washington, D.C.

But as a column I wrote in March 2005 outlined, Premier Campbell's Chief of Staff Martyn Brown was also there. Whoops Part 1.

Now my 24 hours newspaper colleague Sean Holman has revealed on that Kelly Reichert, Executive Director of the BC Liberal Party, owns a company that is a member of American Association of Political Consultants. That would no doubt be the group that evil American political consultants belong to. Whoops Part 2.

As Holman put it: "Mr. Reichert isn't just a party apparatchik. According to information published in Campaigns & Elections magazine in 2004 and 2005, he's also president of Strategic Outlook Inc. - a company belonging to the American Association of Political Consultants membership roster. And the vice-president of that firm is none other than Liberal information director Hoong Neoh."

That would be Whoops Part 3 - another BC Liberal staffer also connected with the evil American political consultants.

So to recap - Premier Campbell's top staff person and two top staff people in Premier Campbell's BC Liberal Party are confirmed as doing what Junior Minister Bennett says is terrible that the NDP is doing - associating with evil Americans.

Will Whoops Part 4 be when Bennett returns to a well-deserved seat on the backbench?

Stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

God, finally I get to read of these political consultant firms that loser right-wingers use in BC.

So that's how someone as dumb as Susan Brice gets elected to parrot right-wing ideology.

Great blog! Thanks!